Day #11/30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas: Some FREE GOODIE WINNERS and A Question Every Single Person Asks God.

Happy Sunday my friend!


Today is the 2nd Sunday of Advent. Study tells us that the Second Advent refers to the Second coming of Jesus. Yesterday’s words, “His Kingdom will never end” is truly “the reason for the season” and not a cute phrase for front porch banners or Christmas t-shirts.

It is truth.
The whole truth.
The good News.
The only reason. Jesus.

As we share these sweet days together of purposefully and peacefully keeping Jesus front and center in our holy holiday season, let’s talk today about how Jesus came to you!

Sweet Sunday to you!


DAY 11
“How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?”
Luke 1:34 (NIV)

I remember the first Christmas after I bowed my knees at an alter on June 9, 1984. I had always loved Christmas and all that it entailed, but that year was different. Quieter. Sweeter. Personal. I had laid my messy self down at a physical alter and completely surrendered myself to Jesus. With a clear head and a humble heart I knew exactly what the “Gospel” meant for the first time. I received Jesus as Lord of my life and I have never looked back. He has never abandoned His position in my life. I have wandered a little to the left or to the right but, praise His name, he has always been in eye view or arms reach. He never leaves or forsakes us!

Today’s verse and good news is, He is not afraid or offended by our questions, just as when Mary asked, not with doubt but with a sincere wondering, “HOW Lord? I am a virgin.”

So friend, what is going on in your life today that prompts the question….”How Lord?”

Here are some tips I wrote down for myself:
1. Study God’s Word for a promise that pertains to your need or question. Check your Bible concordance and see where all your need is mentioned.
2. Decide to believe what God says.
3. Journal/record your question and God’s answers and state your faith as a prayer. Say it out loud so everywhere can hear.
4. Let God speak and change your heart.
5. Leave it with Him. He is able. If you find yourself carrying the question again, remind yourself that “God’s Got This!” Imagine Mary walking away from Gabriel and living the details of the promise. Step by Step.

Prayer: Lord, you are amazing. You are good to me. In fact, You are GREAT! I trust you. I surrender to you. I look for your constant leading today, tomorrow and for as long as the questions loom ahead of me. I am thankful for the comfort of The Holy Spirit who walks with me through my questions and gives me the strength to believe. This is the day that you have made. I rejoice and believe!

Home Idea: Handmade Nativity Set (Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph)

1 1/2″ clay pots
1 1/2 ” wooden balls are used for the heads of Mary and Joseph.
1″ wooden balls form baby Jesus
burlap, cut into small pieces
raffia for Mary’s robe
hot glue gun

Height is approximately 3″
Clay can be left natural or painted
Burlap is used for headdress
Pat It Forward!

So this Harvest idea may not apply to everyone at this particular time, BUT it’s something to keep in mind for when the opportunity arises. Small acts of kindness make the world go ’round!

This particular story originates from my Assistant Rosemary and was a topic of discussion last year. Her son plays hockey for a competitive travel organization which hosts several fundraisers every year to offset some of the high costs associated with the sport. One year, during the Halloween season, the team organized a “Basket O’Goodies” to be raffled off.

The winner, a family on the team as it happens, was the proud recipient of the goodies, trinkets and gifts in the 50 pound bucket!! They did not keep their winnings, instead donating the entire “treasure” to the local Guardian Ad Litem program, a powerful advocacy program with volunteers representing the interests of abandoned and abused children.

While a bushel of candy and trinkets doesn’t seem like a lot to many of us (in fact it sounds like a Tooth Fairy’s nightmare), we must acknowledge that some children suffer in horror-filled family situations. The simple pleasures of candy and small toys are lost for them.

What can each of us do to Pay It Forward? Again, grand gestures are wonderful, but how can we do it BIG by going small?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this! PLEASE SHARE your thoughts on my FACEBOOK page. You might WIN next week!!



Hey I have some WINNERS from comments here on the Blog and on my Facebook Page!

JoAnne Verdugo (Comment on Day 10 Blog)

Noelle (Comment on Day 3 Blog)

Sheila Watson (Thank you for SHARING my Facebook Live!)

Send me your address via email at patlayton@mac.com for you free christmas goodie! 

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