Walk Towards the LIGHT to find Clarity!!

If I say surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” Psalm 139:11

From Life Unstuck Book–Unstuck Truth 11: God wants your past to light the way to your future.

What we SAY matters! Let’s decide that RIGHT NOW TODAY that we will tell ourselves the truth about God’s love!

God wants to use us to change the world. He wants to use our past, our present and our future but the truth is—“You CAN NOT GIVE AWAY what you do not have!!”

  • »  God does not always do the same thing the same way for everyone.
  • »  Christ works THROUGH Impossible Situations
  • »  God wants us to be part of HIS PLAN, He does not work by OUR PLAN

So, take out that journal and a pen.

Still your heart and quiet your mind for a minute and ask God to speak to you concerning two very important areas in your life.

When you ask God about what you believe concerning these two areas in your life, write down what immediately comes to mind – what you automatically believe.

Don’t write down what you “think you should” write down!

Write down what is truly in your heart. Ready?

The first question is: What do I believe about God’s view of me?

The second question is: What do I believe about myself?

Take the time here to consider, like David does—”If I say this”… This will happen.

You may need to experience some time of sharing this chapter with a friend or Pastor.

Remember this about sharing your past:

  • »  Confession keeps us humble and teachable James 5:16
  • »  Confession invites others in.
  • »  Confession sets us free from MASKS Luke 12:2
  • »  Confession opens the door to BIG BLESSING John 10:10 Completely UnStuck!

Lets’ realize as David did in these verses–what we SAY matters!

Use the verses attached to help you out! Write them out. tape them everywhere. SAY THEM OFTEN!


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