Dancing to Texas….to the Tunes of God!!!

My suitcases are not packed. 

I just UNPACKED them on Monday!! Now they are sitting like hungry baby birds with mouths open and ready to be filled again and fill them I will. 

Right now, in just a minute!!
I am heading off to Texas later today to speak at a retreat for the women of Harvest Fellowship Church in San Antonio, Texas.
I LOVE the theme of this conference. It is “Grace Dance”. It is based upon Zephaniah 3:17
He takes great DELIGHT IN YOU as HE QUIETS YOU with His Love as HE REJOICES over you with signing!!
I have been studying that verse for months yet every time I read it I still get chill bumps. 
Father God, I pray for whoever might be reading these words right now. I ask you God, to stir up their hearts with your great, great love. I thank you Lord for your particular attention to them right this moment, their heart, their passion, their desires, their pain, their personal needs, their concerns, their joy, their dreams. Thank you God for your Word, for your promises, for your song!!
God loves you!!!
Can you hear Him singing!!!???
The God of the Universe. The creator of Heaven and Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars…Delights in you?? 
Desires to QUIET you with His love, 
and Rejoices over you with Singing!!
Oh my, I think I want to spend the weekend wallowing in those words!!! 
My Mom is joining me, how cool is THAT!!!
Gotta go pack now. 
I will let you know on Monday what God sang for this particular group of daughters!!
I also have a COOL Giveaway coming!!
p.s. In addition to my desire to serve God and the women at this weekend event, I also have a couple of very big ministry things going on, waiting for God’s plan of action. 
As you read this today, I would be honored and grateful for YOUR prayers over me!!
My single desire is to please and honor God with every moment and every breath I am given.

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  1. I will be praying for you! Have a great trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Love to you.


  2. Girlfriend – you know I’d love to be with you! What an awesome topic! I just LOVE that verse and the imagery it evokes…wallow, indeed!

    Give me a shout after the retreat, would you? I need to get caught up on the latest!

    Love you!

  3. I hope ya’ll are having fun! I heard it was cold there! It’s about 90 here! Stay warm!

  4. Pat, What a blessing you were to so many of us this week at our Grace Dance Retreat!!! I loved every minute of it! Thank you AGAIN for sharing your love for your daughter! As I shared with you, as someone who placed her daughter for adoption, and always wondered what the adoptive family felt like, it was so nice to SEE and HEAR the love you have for her! I have not shared with many people that I even had a child. I was sent away to have her, and made to feel shameful. I am still working through those feelings 22 years later…..

    Thank you again for a AMAZING weekend. I will have pics up soon on my blog….so hope to see you pop over and say hi!

  5. Pat,
    Just stopping in to let you know that I was so blessed at the retreat last weekend. What a wonderful woman of God you are. I pray to be the kind of woman who is wise and loving like you. My children will surely benefit from such character. Thanks for making us laugh and cry.

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