Could it Be Time To Close Some Apps?

I remember waking up with drool on my chin and lawn chair lines on my cheek. As I stirred myself back to life, the earbuds that were practically melted into my ears clumsily dropped out but I could still hear the same song playing that had lulled me to sleep. A quick glance up and down the powdery white beach of Longboat Key revealed no girlfriend sitting beside me as she had been when I drifted off. The aqua blue waves were darkened a bit by the lowering afternoon sun and the sound of busy seagulls filled the air. I gathered myself together, stretched my arms up and my toes down, then rolled off the beach chair and headed toward the cottage hiding under the Banyan trees behind me.

I could smell food cooking as I approached the rickety screen door and could see my friend happily humming and working in the tiny kitchen. The squeaky door warned her of my intrusion.

“There you are, sleepy head,” she said. “I was just about to come after you. Dinner is ready.”

My friend had prepared a fresh fried fish, shrimp, and hushpuppy dinner for me along with her world-class chopped salad and a big glass of sweet tea. Oh my, I was overwhelmed. It was precious.

“Why didn’t you wake me up to help with dinner?” I asked.

“You needed to rest, Pat! You are wiped out and you cannot keep up this pace,” she responded in no uncertain terms. As we sat down to dinner, my friend continued her soft but no-holding-back declaration about my burned-out condition and began to warn me, not for the first time, about how I needed to find time for rest and restoration in order to keep going.

I was sitting with a friend just yesterday and mentioned that my I-phone was running out of battery before morning turned to afternoon each day.

“Maybe you need to close some apps” was her advice.

“YES! I always forget to do that”. Sure enough, upon checking, every App on my “smart” phone was open and ready to respond at my slightest command.

Suddenly, I had an aha moment. I couldn’t help but think about how we sometimes let our lives get in the same condition.

TOO MANY APPS running open in our  heads at once. Right?!! Before we know it, we are running slow or even shutting down completely.

REST and RESTORATION are not options in God’s eyes.

Sometimes when we are feeling listless, just plain tired or have lost our enthusiasm for our calling, it is simply a whisper from The Holy Spirit that it is time to “close some apps”.

How about you my friend, can you relate, is it time take a break? Maybe to claim a hammock or a rocking chair somewhere?

Tell me will you, what are your “I NEED REST” trigger points?

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unnamedSounds like the PERFECT, not to mention life-changing, way to rock away an afternoon–don’t you think?

Now it’s your turn!! Chat Chick!!



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  1. Oh dear, totally spoke to my heart today with this message! Sometimes I get so busy, entangled in everything that comes my way because I just don’t like to say no. Time to turn off some apps in my life and climb in my big , comfy chair with a cup of hot tea and read a good book!

  2. Oh my goodness…sometimes…most times I feel like you’ve got a connection right into my heart, mind and soul. I’ve been running full tilt and my body has said in no uncertain terms slow down. I get a frayed thought pattern and don’t finish projects cause I’m jumping from one to the other trying to be everything to everyone and then my body physically shuts down…shingles and or a bowel obstruction. All signs I haven’t taken care of myself as I try to do more than is necessary. No matter how indispensable I feel…there will be someone God can use to fill the gaps and I’m not the only one who can get the many tasks done AND DONE RIGHT. My own need to do over and above what’s required can get me into a lot of trouble…I think some call it OCD but I just want it all done right and its far easier to do it myself than have to go back and fix what I don’t think was done to my standard. Ok so I’ve spilled a lot out…and God is really dealing with me on letting things go and not overloading my plate. But I want to do so many things and my “NO” button got broke a long time ago…I love serving and helping and I have a deep need to be needed! So pray for me as I try to figure out what “Apps” should be opened and which ones should be closed and are there any that need “Deleted”….I love you Pat and am so very thankful God placed you in my life! You’re a great blessing! Love & Prayers as we seek Christ as the center of our everything!!!!

    1. I love you right back Paula Kaye!
      Ditto the Thank You Lord for friends who “get me” near and far!!
      Weekend blessings,

  3. Oh my!! Did this one ever speak to me!! I am TERRIBLE! I am ALWAYS plugged in. Smart phone, kindle, laptop, netflix. My family has even brought this up a time or two. OUCH I am going to try and unplug a bit this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!!!!

  4. Making time for rest is such a struggle for me. Between work, family, and home, I feel as though there is always someone or something needing my attention. I know I need to take time to rest, but I always feel guilty when I do!

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  6. Yes, I can relate to the need for rest. I tend to think that if I have a little extra time, I need to squeeze in some more activity. Especially since I have decided that getting active in the pro-life movement which has unending possibilities for things to do, I do need to listen to my body’s need for rest.

    I am glad for you that you have such a wonderful friend who is willing to nurture you so beautifully. I am planning on starting a community where people can really help each other do pro-life work, share our walk with Jesus, share the chores of everyday life, and help each other rest.

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