Communicating Emotion

I was at a leadership conference recently when the conversation got “heated”. We all know that “REAL” Christians know how to behave themselves, especially in a professional environment. We are trained to be quite civil and handle our disagreements cautiously and calmly.

However, that is NOT always the way it happens. Not in my world anyway.

In this particular group of leaders, I am surrounded mostly be men.That has been the case for me for over 20 years. There are not a lot of predominately FEMALE Christian leadership organizations around. (If you know of one or are part of one, I would love to hear about it!!)

During the hotter part of this dialog, I could hold my thoughts back no longer. I JUMPED up from my chair and began to explode with my opinions and perspectives. I had been holding on to them for 3 days thinking, surely there is someone else in this group who sees this issue the way I see it.

SURELY someone else is going to speak up and get this thing on the table. But no one did.

So, I spoke. Emotionally. Passionately. Boldly.

I was trembling and felt faint but apparently, as reflected by the responses from my shocked audience, I was articulate.

My opinion mattered.

My words caused some others to reflect from another perspective.

My heart and sincerity made a difference and my personal perspective altered the course of the day.

As I wobbled my trembling legs back to my chair wondering if I might pass out on the way, every one of my colleagues applauded my comments and boldness. Every one expressed appreciation for my words. One of them made a personal observation about me that I have never forgotten.

She said “Pat, I love the way that you communicate emotion”.

I was intrigued by her comment and felt she had absolutely NAILED me!!

I do. I communicate emotion. I speak my heart. I speak my passion. I speak my convictions. I am not always very polished. As a matter of fact, I AM RARELY polished. But that’s OK.

That interaction has come to my mind a few times over the past few days as I am being ask to write for a variety of publications regarding Abortion and  “The Sanctity of Human Life”.

Talk about a topic that makes me emotional, you got one there..

January 22, 2010 marks our Nation’s  37th Anniversary of the rampant destruction of innocent babies here in “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”.

37 Years of legalized Abortion in America. 55 MILLION Lost Lives, not counting Mommies, and Daddies, Brothers and Sisters and Grandparents.

When it comes to anything that REALLY matters to me, I communicate Emotion and I am PROUD of it!! Jesus communicated Emotion and I try REALLY hard to be like Him.

I was reminded of this reality again today at the Proverbs 31 Devotion by Susanne Scheppmann.

Check it out and be sure to come back here on Sunday for my VERY EMOTIONAL Post about the Preciousness of Life.

There is a little girl who is NOT in my life today because I didn’t follow my emotions when I needed to..

The Colors of Emotion | Encouragement For Today | Proverbs 31 Ministries

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  1. I am SOO glad you communicate emotion!! Thank you Sister! For speaking up, for being bold, for walking the path God laid out for you. You are a tremendous blessing and I can’t wait to read your post on Sunday! I was so hoping you would be speaking at Grace. Are you?

    Love to you this day!!

  2. Hey friend. Ooooh girl. Another way we are alike. Surely we are sisters by birth and we just weren’t told! I love you. I love your passion. I love that you speak from your heart. And I love that you love God’s children and give your life to rescue them from being another statistic. I am praying for your ministry tonight and for your message that is going forth and bringing healing and hope.

    And I gotta tell you, I just LOVE your new blog look. I know it’s probably been this way a while but I have not been in bloggy world in forever it seems so it’s new to me. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Sweet Mama Friend,
    I have known we were sisters since the minute I saw that coat 🙂
    Love you girl!! I am staying in touch through your FB, Twitter and Blogs…don’t ya just love COMMUNICATION :)!!

  4. Beautiful Pat! Love your heart and passion from a regret I know I’ve been forgiven for, but dang it I should have just trusted my Savior with my circumstances. :'( Love, Lelia

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