Come “Scope” with me, come “Scope” with me today–lalala :)

OK THAT might age me a bit even though that song is WAY BEFORE my time!! LOL!!

I want YOU to join ME on Periscope TODAY 🙂 Here is my TWITTER address.

Periscope 915

If you don’t know about PERISCOPE–TODAY is the day to learn. It is SO FUN and has become my favorite place to meet and hang out with like minded friends!

My BASIC plan for now, I am testing this out, is a 3 pm week-daily scope. The GOOD NEWS 🙂 is that the scope stays online for 24 hours for you to watch as a “Replay” and the GOODER NEWS is that if you miss THAT, you can watch any SCOPE at any TIME on KATCH.COM–check mine out 🙂 and be gentle–I am taking a RISK and LEARNING!

I also ran across this website that gives an easy STEP-BY-STEP tutorial on how to use Periscope!

Please join me today and tell me you came from my here on my website, Facebook or Instagram!

Come SCOPE with me, come SCOPE with me today–lalallala 🙂

Does ANYBODY even know that song and what’s even more important, what made me THINK of it?

Tell me the song title in the comments and I will DOUBLE ENTER your name for my Free Friday drawing tomorrow 🙂



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  1. Hello from the mountains of North Georgia. I’m just learning Periscope too, Pat. Did my first very rough Scope today. Followed you! Looking forward to hearing from you, friend.

  2. I haven’t even put my big toe into the Periscope world, yet, but I’m thinking about it.
    I love sitting in your periscope moments and if you haven’t figured it out, I’m “forhimru2.”


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