Colorado Springs Snowstorm


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I know that you guys have missed my “Sweet Tea” this past week. I have just returned from another new adventure in God with Lifeway.
After a VERY!!! did I say “VEEERRRY” rough flight into the Springs, I sat in a chair in the middle of the airport and cried. Hows that for a Faith Giant!! You all know how I LOVE to fly on airplanes, well this flight was from the dark side! I was so airsick that it took me all night after we arrived just to get my landlegs. I always kiss the ground (in my mind) upon landing but this was beyond kissing level. In any case, I have grown to accept my flight fright as part of my surrender to God. I recite every scripture that I know (and I make a few up) on every trip. It is good for me!
Our first day in Colorado was a bit of a blurr…did I say burrr??? Jayne and I arrived in Colorado Springs for “Fully Loaded” on Wednesday and awoke on Thursday morning to a snow storm. It was AWESOME!! I even managed to send a video on my cell phone to Honey and Julianna. I was so proud of myself. I am becoming a true “techie” (is that how you spell it?)
The day started a bit rough as none of my speaking supplies arrived by UPS as they were supposed to, in fact they NEVER got there. After a bit of a crash and burn, God got a hold of my heart again and I decided to trust Him to make it all work out.
He Did!! It was wonderful as my workshops were filled to overflow and had all the “fun” girls!! We had a blast!

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  1. So glad to hear everything went well even after your supplies didn’t arrive. Isn’t there a scripture about how all things work together for good?… just kidding you know how I despise the way that scripture is taken out of context for every mishap and mistake. Seriously, I had heard it might snow in CO… how fun you got to see it… sorry the plane ride was so bad. Too bad I wasn’t with you so I could have “talked” the entire time. HA.

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