Chasing Donkeys instead of God

The Bible OVERFLOWS with mystery, tragedy and spell binding people stories. It is bursting with GREAT examples of what to do right in life and GREAT examples of what not to do!

1 Samuel Chapter 9 is one of those examples. In this story of King Saul, I recognize of something I have been doing lately that I thought I didn’t do anymore and that I know I ought NOT TO DO!

Low self esteem ruled and reigned over my life for many, many years. Amazingly enough, it was at my lowest life point–my worst choice, where God FOUND me (not that He had ever really LOST ME but I had surely lost Him!) living the life of someone who was empty of personal worth but FULL OF SELF! It was in that deep, dark place that He, the KING OF GLORY reached down and lifted me from a pit of SELF destruction.

This morning, I realized, over the past months of transition and life change, I have slipped a bit without realizing it.

If you feel a bit of a pit slip—PLEASE take some time today to read 1 Samuel 9 verses 1-27 through 1 Samuel 10:9.

Ask yourself these questions:

How would you describe Saul?

What was the situation in Saul’s life at the beginning of this story?

What do you see as Saul’s personal focus over these verses?

What do you think is the difference between Godly Humility and Low Self Esteem?

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Share what God showed you in the comments below and come back tomorrow and I will share what God showed me!!

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