Caught in the Act

I have been “Caught in the Act” more times in my life than I want to remember or admit.

It all started when I was about 8 years old and mischievously dropped a fiddler crab down the back of my younger sisters T-Shirt. She immediately and dramatically flung into spastic screams of pain and terror as my Mom (for whom she was dramatizing!) sprung to her feet and rescued my sister from the 1 inch MONSTER crab, soothed her terrorized little heart, then headed for me.

Not good.

I still remember the sting of shame. I had been caught in the act.

I was just trying to be funny. To get a laugh. I meant no harm but I got it anyway. I still remember that humiliation AND that spanking.

Not so many years later, I would be “Caught in the Act” again. This time, more than my pride was lost.

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