Can God Do This?

Walking to school.  Up Hill.  In the snow.  Both ways.


Has anyone ever peddled this brand of martyrdom?  Come on, be honest.  Certainly, those of us with children, nieces or nephews, relished a “soap box” moment or two conveying the trials and tribulations of the “olden days” when times were tough, luxuries were scarce, and contributing to the household was NOT an option, but a moral imperative.  Oh those hard times!

So, I’m not acquainted with a childhood memory of a harsh climb up a snowy hill – after all I’m from Savannah 🙂  BUT, it could be said (which I HAVE!) that the coastal Savannah humidity, hanging heavily in the air like liquid vapor,  is a close comparison to a snowy day (maybe? LOL).

So my narrative might go something like this…

Walking. Up Hill. In the humidity.  Both ways.

Yep, that sounds good!  Poor me;-)

I have admitted to you already–this has been a year of catching myself right smack in the middle of more than one “whoa-is-me” moment. Goodness, to play back the pity party in my mind, it sounded as if my whole existence was a series of toil, trauma and burdens. Once I realize my attitude had taken a decided downturn, I have little “come-to-Jesus” moments with MYSELF!!

I think of the prophet Jeremiah and his “covenant of the heart.” That internal, authentic relationship with God – it’s truth based in sincerity of emotion and NOT in platitudes or external circumstances.  Yes, ALL of us face self-doubt and self-recriminations at some point in our lives.  It’s the inescapable certainty of the human condition.  But what I find, in getting back to basics, is a reconnection to my adventure of faith! I love that. I love coming face to face with WHAT GOD CAN DO in the middle of what I CANNOT DO!

So I’m surely STILL going to find myself at a pity party from time to time.  I’m only human!  Yet, I’m SO grateful to know that God holds out his hands to me at every moment just waiting for me to hand off all my “junk” to Him.  He’s got this!!   He’s Got ME!!  There isn’t anything that WE can’t handle.

How about you? Any pity parties lately?

Have you got something on your plate that ONLY GOD can do?

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Blessings today!

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  1. I’ve held a number of pity-party for myself in my lifetime, sometimes with good reason (death of a loved one) but just as often over something pretty inconsequential in the big scheme of life. Learning that God is ever-present regardless of the size of the party wanting to lead me out. Still up to me to look His way and reach my hand out for his. Getting there one party at a time!

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