CAN an Ant Move a Rubber Tree Plant?

I am a HUMMER.

I am constantly, either singing, humming or whistling. Sometimes, it makes my family a bit nuts. They vacillate between teasing me and begging me to stop. My response—“You can NOT hum, sing or whistle if you are not happy, happy, happy 🙂 right?

Try it!

Anyways, yesterday morning I noticed a plant in my living room desperately drooping for a drink.


Suddenly this old song came into my head and it is STILL there 🙂

I have a few things going on in my life right now that seem as impossible to accomplish as an ANT Moving a Rubber Tree Plant.

I need to hear from God. I need to know HIS direction for my next steps.

So, I have decided for the next couple of weeks, until God shows me otherwise, I will spend my morning prayer chair time just LISTENING to God.

I journal my basic prayer requests and list those things that are as impossible as Ant moving a Rubber Tree Plant just to get them out of my head and onto the paper. Then, I practice STILLNESS.


No humming 🙂 🙂

I sit Still and Know that God has me, has my issues, has my needs.

I remember His Word that says:

Do not be anxious about ANYTHING! Philippians 4:6

I would love to stop and say a prayer for you today. Tell me something about you today.

Do you have some larger than life issues going on?

How do you allow God to work while you sit still?

Leave a comment and I will drop your name in this months drawing for one of my new Born to Bloom Books!

Before I go…I just had to share this. I ran across it while looking for the Ant song. I want you to know, THIS is my kind of day! Nothing going on more urgent than ants carrying things around!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the “Rubber Tree Ant Song” & Sinatra. Hadn’t heard it in many years & smiled & sang along all the way through. Guess it will be in my head the rest of the evening. We also watched a colony of ants with the same wonder not long ago. They are industrious. Don’t you know The Lord wishes we could stay so focused to the task?

    1. I know, my head too 🙂 I have been singing this song for 2 days now.
      I am truly praying for that kind of focus and that kind of “strength” through Christ. I need it desperately.
      Bless you for saying hello Sharron, I am saying a prayer for you right now.

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