California Here I Come!!

Let the packing, and the airplane prayers begin!!!

By the end of this week I will be flying the friendly skies from one side of this great nation all the way to the other. 

Oh Glory!!

I am always intrigued by flight routes as I realized today, although my reservations have been settled for a while, that I will be going from Tampa to Chicago to Sacramento, the short route right?? My destination is Crossroads Community Church in Grass Valley, California. 
It just sounds fun doesn’t it?
I am certain that it will be, when I land!!

As thrilled as I am to be with these ladies, getting there and back is not my favorite part and it is not my spiritual gift!!

One of my biggest travel challenges (and I have many) is figuring out WHAT to pack and what to pack it into. 
If it is hot in Tampa, which it usually is, I have a tough time getting my head on burrrrr. The result usually is, I take everything. When I do not, like my last trip to Kentucky, they inevitably have the first snowfall of the year, unexpectedly. Or, I only have sweaters and the temps soar. Hot Flashes do not make for a very calm, cool and collected speaker. 
As a result, I almost always have to pay for extra luggage. A fact that just tickles my honey pink!

Of course, I could be like the other 99% of my fellow fliers and try to cram everything I own into an overnight carry on bag that wobbles down the airplane aisle causing a line that backs all the way to security and taking the skin off any elbow that dares to be draped over an armrest along the way. 

Then there is the little matter of the parts of the body that we get to enjoy in front of our noses as travelers of every shape, age, gender and level of modesty reach to the heights of heaven to lift their luggage the size of a small cars, up into the storage bins that are positioned just above our seats. We see tummies of every physique and texture (or worse, backs, equally as appealing), undies that leave nothing to the imagination and of course, the armpits of our worst nightmares. 
Far be it from me, however, to hold any airline grudges. No siree!
As a matter of fact, I have been known to pray for the flight crew the entire time I am in the air.
I have recently added birds to my prayer list.
I am always smiling and making my body as small as possible to accommodate all needs around me.
Ever the example of a happy traveler.
A simple brief case carryon and always clean shaven, thank you very much, just in case I am called upon for some heavy lifting!

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  1. I’m always afraid I’m going to lose my arm or get hit in the head when everyone is bording the plane. You have to be on gurard for falling things as they stuff all their coats and bags above your head! But, I still wish I was going! 🙂

    I’d take a plane just about anywhere!

    Have fun!

  2. How true!! WE are flying out in a couple of weeks and I just told my hubby that everything is going underneath. We are not carrying one thing on! It makes my life so much easier! Have a great trip!



  3. Ahhh…what we have to look forward to! :o)

    Just know that I will have but one small carry on, as well. I have NO PROBLEM checking my bags, even if they DO charge!

  4. Pat, we are looking forward to your visit with anticipation. Our weather on Friday should be around 58 with lows in the low 40s with a some amount of rain. On Saturday, we do not have rain. Maybe 60 degrees. Look at Auburn, Ca. for the weather, instead of Grass Valley. In your picture on your blog you have a blouse and leather jacket. That with a scarf would work for our weather. Fret not, we may even have sunshine on Sat.
    We are praying for you sweet sister. Blessing!
    Brenda( from G.V., Ca.)

  5. Hello Pat
    I came to visit from Forever Wherever, & I am so glad I did. Your description of a plane ride had me laughing out loud. Thanks. Have a safe trip.

  6. I pray safe travels in Jesus Name and a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord for ALL involved.

    God bless you.

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