Born to Bloom

Whoo Hoo!

I am home! For 11 days 🙂

My next trip takes me off to Grand Rapids, Mi to pray and plan and party with the amazing team of women who are hosting our upcoming “Imagine me…Set Free” Woman’s Conference on October 7 and 8th.

We are planning for 400 women! Do you want to be one of them?

Read on…..

I honestly have so much to share with friends here on “Living Free” that I don’t even know where to start. The tough part is, after being away from my office since July 10th I have so much work/email back-up I don’t have much time to tarry on the blog for a few days. In spite of the stack of work that is calling my name, I have to give you a tiny taste of some fun stuff I have coming your way.

First of all—I have TON’S of books and goodies to give away that I brought home from the International Christian Retail Show.


I have a stack of FRESH, NEW just published books, most personally autographed, on my dining room table ready to be mailed. At least half of them are brand new FICTION titles from many of your very favorite authors. Like this fabulous lady…..

I grabbed a fresh copy of Liz Curtis Higg’s latest fiction Mine is the Night. It is  on my nightstand right now. It has been with me from Georgia to California over the past few weeks. I am reading until I can’t keep my eyes open each night. It is awesome!! I have another one for one lucky reader 🙂

And, THIS ONE from my sweet friend Pam Farrell. 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband. Her books always challenge and inspire me.

Also, coming soon, my darling “little sister” Renee Swope is going to guest blog for me next week and give away 2 copies of her new book A Confident Heart.

I got to read the book before it went to print–YOU MUST READ THIS ONE!!


I promise, I will get to that give-away soon but for now..for the next few weeks, my give-away focus is a FREE—FREEDOM WEEKEND!

All you have to do is say Hi here on the blog. Do it! Right now!! It is so easy, just tap on the comment button below. Tell me you want to come and if you don’t have a blog–don’t forget to leave your email address!

Tell us you want to join a few hundred women for a weekend alone with God! It is truly amazing how he does that isn’t it 🙂

Here is a testimony from our last “Imagine Me…Set Free” in Ruidoso, New Mexico that JUST CAME in my email today! I’m blessed afresh!!

“Pat, I planted the sunflower seeds that you gave us in Ruidoso this Spring as soon as I got home. Look at this! Amazing fruit of your conference!

Bless you”

Debby Pardue

You bless my heart bloggy sisters. Today I pray Isaiah 59:21 for you and YOUR CHILDREN and Children’s children!!

Our God is Good. All the time!

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  1. I wish I could make a Freedom weekend! Maybe one day, but for now I’d settle for an inspirational “free” book. 😉

  2. Sounds like a great conference and opportunity with friends. Congrats, Pat!

    So thankful that when waves crash around us, we can hold on to the freedom and promise He has on the horizon. Thanks for telling us about A Confident Heart–I’m going to watch for that one!

  3. Hi! A relative posted this conference on facebook and God continues to bring it to my mind. I’m thinking He wants me to go….I think it would be a great place to spend some time!

  4. As much as I would love to win a “freedom wknd” I will be in Florida that week!! Near you actually in Sarasota! But I’m all about a good book:) You are such a busy lady Pat! I’m glad you get some time at home. Thanks for all you do to lead women into freedom in Jesus and train up new leaders to follow in your wake. You are amazing!

  5. Hi! it’s me….is it too much to say i want it all??? a weekend, a book and a great speaker/blogger??!!! heh heh lol just trying to earn a few brownie points while the gettin’s good 🙂
    hope you enjoy the day and get a lot of work done

  6. I am planning on going to the Grand Rapids conference in October. I would love to go FREE! and come home FREE! Thank you. Looking forward to meeting you. Phyllis (they call me Phis)

  7. I can’t make it out to the freedom weekend. But, I dont see it possible with all that is going on and being in holland now. Is there any way I can follow it online as I have been following you and the sunday service online?

    An inspirational book.. Awsome..

    oh to finish being set free from all the rest of what is in me.. would be so good for all. I have been freed of so much in the past 2 months. God is working overtime in my life right now.

    He is absolutly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Hi, I am planning on attending the conference. Praying for GOD to do amazing thing as only He can do! Sharon

  9. Hi! I am so excited for this conference and can’t wait to see what God will do through YOU! Carrie <

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