Born Again–Again :)

OK, so maybe you believe that title to be BIBLICALLY possible and maybe you don’t. This is by no means a debate, discourse or dispute  on the doctrine of “once saved always saved”. This is a discussion of NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!!

Here is what Jesus said about being “born again”

“I tell you the truth, no (woman) can see the kingdom of heaven unless (she) is born again.” John 3:3

He had much to follow with regarding “the kingdom of heaven” which is more about what I am getting to.

Experiencing the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!

I have deeply enjoyed reading the parables found in the Gospels that tell us very specifically WHAT the Kingdom of Heaven looks, feels, tastes and smells like. A worthy read to say the least.

As I have studied those parables over the past few months God blessed me with FRESH REVELATION and a kind of “born again” understanding of just what Jesus came to earth to accomplish and the desires He expressed for not only our “CALLING” but our everyday life.

These ponderings’ and prayers led me to the “Born Again” feeling I have experienced and the MISSION I shared in my last post: Helping Women Find Their Finish Lines.

Another way to say this might be Helping Women Find their WIN!

What this is all about is the fact that year after year, we go about setting New Years Resolutions. We gleefully open new journals, calendars, planning tools and online courses. That is very familiar stuff to me. I revel in the process year after year.

What is NEW to me, just last year (and maybe I am just late to the party–I often discover that I am) is the whole idea of CELEBRATING THE IN-BETWEEN.

Savoring the small wins.

Being grateful for the great things that happen on the way to our “big dream”.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean!

See if any of this rings true:

You are a Mom.

But you have no idea what your MOM FINISH LINE looks like? You are just running a day-by-day step into the unknown–hoping it will all work out.

You have no idea how, when or where your Mom “race” ends. Is it when they graduate? Would a child getting a Harvard diploma measure your success? But what happens if after the diploma they decide to grow Marijauna in Colorado? Does that mean you didn’t succeed? I guess it depends upon your position on Marijauna.

Is our Mom race done when they get married, have kids? Let me just tell you, it doesn’t feel like it! We still worry, still fret, still try to “help”! (You get that right??!! Don’t leave me hanging here :))

You are always guessing where your physical stress limits are or when your water breaks (no pun intended:) will come?

You just keep running, taking all the help you can find and comparing your success by others around you!

Am I right?!!

How about this one?

You are a business owner, ministry leader or entrepreneur.


You press on day after day doing the best you can to fulfill your “calling” but you don’t really know if you are truly successful but you definitely know you often mess up! Sometimes, it’s tough to know when you need to GO or you need to SLOW!

You have a long list of “when I get to it”…”someday”….”as soon as I get this done I will”….. that stay the same year after year.

You are a creator, a maker–writer, artist, builder, cook, designer….


As I shared in my last post–“completion” and “success” is all too often just beyond reach. When we don’t have a FINISH LINE!

In the best selling book Art and Fear the writer states “Making ART IS DIFFICULT. We leave drawings unfinished and stories unwritten. We do work that does not feel like our own. We repeat ourselves. We stop before we have mastered our materials, or continue long after their potential is exhausted. Often the work we have NOT DONE seems more real in our minds than the pieces we have completed“. Wow–YES!!

This past Summer, as I started to really evaluate my misery over my perceived lack of success I realized I have lived the majority of my life NOT KNOWING where the Finish Line was!!

I didn’t know it as a parent.

I didn’t know it as a ministry leader.

I didn’t know it as a speaker or writer.

Do you get me?

Is this true for you?

Let’s talk about this more.

Let’s talk about how important it is to set ourselves up for SUCCESS! For the small WIN! For Celebrations!

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts in the comment section.  Your opinions and feedback matters so much to me!

Will you come out on this limb with me? I’d be honored to sit out here with you and I will PAY YOU! (if you are the lucky winner)

Next Post I’ll be sharing a Guest post and giving away the amazing new book–Overwhelmed by Kathy Lipp and Cheri Gregory!

Leave a comment below between now and next MONDAY 1/16/17, to be entered to win!


Blessings Friend,


Life Unstuck

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  1. Your posts are very pleasing to me & often make me smile. Your thoughts challenge me to live more intentionally.

  2. Thanks Pat for the opportunity to win. I just started receiving your blog this morning and I am looking forward to more. Take care and be blessed.

  3. Thanks, Pat. Loved the article. YES! I get ‘ya! I often feel the same way. Trying to be obedient to the call to serve women through your STS ministry and now this new resource of Life Unstuck. Wow. I’m reading it now, but I have to say, it comes at a great time for me. This book – Overwhelmed – looks great, too! Can’t wait to read it – well, I can wait to see if I win before I buy it, I guess. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do for women, but especially what you have done for me. You are inspirational.


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