Blooming Giveaway Day–Yeah!

OK, so my WORD bank is a bit low :)….

Most of my bloggy friends know that I set aside the Summer (June-August) to complete a book manuscript that has been on my heart for over 2 years. The bad news is that I have been STORING UP words for 2 years and they are a jumbled mess in my head and on my computer. I have thrown away more than I have left on paper.

I am having such a difficult time to the point of wanting to give up and I don’t give up easily. I would be very grateful for your prayers.

Book Prayer

While I am asking, maybe a prayer or more for our big life adventure of selling our home of 18 years and starting an Alpaca Farm called “Georgia Dream”.


Our house has been listed for a week and has been shown a whole BUNCH. For those of you who have listed houses you know what that’s like!

As for the farm property, we are waiting for the appraisal.

Please pray with me for:

1) Quick and full priced home sale.

2) Fast and generous appraisal for the new land!

3) Lastly, a new book written BY the Holy Spirit (since I’m not a great writer) FOR the Glory of God (since I am a way worse God) that SERVES and STIRS my dear sisters in Christ (because I love them so much and want each one to experience the freedom Christ died to provide ).

Thank you SOOO….much!!!!

One other piece of news–during my diversions from writing Imagine Me…Set Free, I did write a new Born to Bloom book based upon 2 John. It is with my graphics designer 🙂

OK so, drum roll please…



The winner of the CUTE BOOTS is Sharron Kay Fires!! Blessings Sharon, thank you for purchasing copies of Born to Bloom and for your enthusiastic visits to the blog.

The winner of the CUTE GARDEN TOOLS AND WATER BUCKET is Janice Shepard. You are precious Janice. I love hearing from you and gleaning from your wisdom and passion.

Lastly, a surprise bonus gift goes to Tricia Heflin. How can I NOT thank you for your sweet and passionate input. You encourage me my friend!

Email me your address ladies, and we will ship your goodies out asap.

Please don’t forget to say a little prayer for me!

I am intensely grateful for every one of you who take time to keep me writing. I wish I was able to send out 100 pairs of boots!!

I am going to begin next week sharing a few thoughts from my new book. I would be grateful for your feedback!

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  1. Prayers for you Pat! And thank you for your prayers for my daughter! I will pray for you! I still haven’t decided if I’m going to share my Born 2 Bloom book with her or get her one of her one! Maybe her own thou, it’s very personal. You have done a wonderful job and are very inspiring! I hope one day she will be as inspired as I am! I am confident it will all come together for you! Prayers starting!

  2. woo hoo! Thank you for the ‘special prise” .
    You know my address! 🙂
    I am praying that God orchestrates every detail of this new place, new beginning, this change for you and your family. Just like before, HE will work it out in such a way, that you will know it is HE and only HE who could have been working it out! “You did it LORD” will surely be exclaimed by the Layton’s !
    God is good and loves you so!

  3. Wow Pat! How exciting to see my name as the winner of the garden tools and bucket!!! I’m loving your little Born to Bloom book, a gift all in itself. I have to admit, I had never even heard of Alpaca Farming, but I looked it up and it sounds like a wonderful new adventure. And one of my favorite places on earth (so far) is the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia! I will pray for your home sale, your land appraisal and the writing of your “Imagine Me” book/bible study! I know God has burdened your heart for His precious daughters, and I trust that through you, He will pen the words that will He will use to set them free! Continue to trust in Him, for He is faithful; and I know that YOU KNOW that!

    Peace be with you, Janice Shepard
    (4340 Canard Road; Melbourne, FL 32934)

    1. Oh yeah, an “adventure” is definitely on our horizon since none of us has cared for anything bigger than a doggie!! hehe 🙂
      I’ll share the journey, for sure!
      Thank you so much for your prayers,

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