Blogging Families

My firstborn son Tim and his beautiful wife Kim jumped into blog world a couple of months ago. Since then they have created a variety of beautiful blogs and made friends all over the Nation. They are having a blast using lots of the creative energy (not to mention computer skills) that all of them possess. 

Each grandson has a blog:
Our oldest Grandson, AJ, expresses his love for Christian Rock music here at ChristianRocker:
second born, Jacob, is a fisherman to the core and tells his tales here at Jacob’ Fish Tales:
Kim shares her creative talents by way of an Etsy blog here:
To top it off, they have a family blog shared by Tim and Kim called ForeverWherever that I personally read daily just to keep up with my traveling crew. I could not for the life of me get the banner on my post. Tim did not inherit the techy gene from me!
Just click the link and you will love it!!
Their last creation is a home remodeling blog that is being featured today at “The Nestor”!! 
This one has my special attention. I love to find new projects for my son to try out at Mom’s!
This thing is bursting with “SONey Do’s“!!! Don’t Ya think!!??
Check it out!!

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