Blogging Buddies Book Bonanza

I am not sure if “bonanza” is the best word but it begins with B so…..

For that matter, so does BLESSING!! That is what honey and I have been experiencing over this past 10 days of rest and restoration. 
We are always blessed but this time has been a very precious gift. We are on our last 3 days of this amazing, peaceful, beautiful vacation getaway.
Yesterday, my Mom flew in to join us for a few days and a trip to the Biltmore House. We picked her up at the Asheville airport then drove back to the cottage by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway…..just as the sun was setting on one side of the mountains and the moon was rising on the on other.

Thank you to those of you who have given me such great advice for my blogging life when I return to Tampa.
I will use a bit of each idea!
I would love to send a new book to each of you!
Please send your mailing address to my personal email at and tell me your book preference of Fiction, Woman’s Christian Living, Devotional or Bible Study. I will choose one and surprise you!
Thank you sweet blogging buddies! 
We will be home by the end of the week and I will mail your goodies early next week! 

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  1. It is so good to get away for rest and relaxation. God is the author of peace and restoration. Enjoy!


  2. I’m so glad you are enjoying “our” NC mountains! They truly are beautiful!
    I am always amazed at how God “paints” such a beautiful picture of His creation for all of us to enjoy!

  3. Oh my word, Pat. Those pics are GOR-GE-US..gorgeous I say.

    I love the one with the sunset and then the ones to follow have such color.

    Thanks for sharing God’s beauty with us.

    You are so blessed to have this time of relaxation with God and your sweet one. Oh, how my heart sighs in envy of wanting that. All my life I wanted to be someone’s sweet one. To love and mold with that one. I found him and the Lord I believe IS the One who provided him. However, satan is having a hay day with him and has gravely deceived him into the tragic steps of divorce. He is a Christian man. I am a Christian woman but somehow we never found how to be a Christian couple. I pray the Lord to restore it one day and result in having such beautiful times that you describe with your beloved. To God be all the glory and that is my real focus in reconciliation.

    Sweet Blessings with your Sweet Tea.

  4. I’m so glad you’ve had a refreshing week in my neck of the woods!

    Be sure to let me where it is your son is going so I can give you a heads up.


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