Blogger Blackouts

It is said in Blogger World that you have to BLOG at least twice each week if you want to stay connected to your reading and blogging friends. As you can see by the date above, for me it has been over 2 weeks. I guess it wasn’t very clever of me to get my blog running at the same time that my LIFE is “running”!!

If you will notice, on the lower right side of Sweet Tea, I have listed my travel and speaking activities for the next few months. I have just returned from 2 of those trips that were less than a week apart and I am preparing to take off for beautiful Colorado Springs, Co in a few days!! I am SOOOOO not used to doing this but I am having a blast watching God do His thing.

The photo on the right is some of the staff with me at our Surrendering the Secret exhibit table. Say hello to Kathy, Jane and Natalie! They were such a blessing to have by my side.

My trip last week to Dallas was jammed packed with blessing and surprises. It was extra fun to have 7 of our staff attend together, one of which was my youngest son Andy. It is a joy to watch him grow and become the leading Man that God has called to “A Woman’s Place” for such a time as this.

I have not forgotten my plan to share more about “Apprehending”!! I just wanted to make an attempt at keeping you coming back to visit “Sweet Tea”. Thank you for the SWEET emails. I have faith that some of you will come on BLOGGING board sooner or later.

For now, however, I am off to American Idol!!

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  1. Hey Mom – I finally took a second to create an account so I could comment on your awesome blog. It’s only my second blog comment ever! Your grandsons AJ and Jacob both have blogs of their own now too! I better get with it! I love your blog and it makes me want some of your sweet tea. It also makes me excited and thrilled to see how God has worked in so many lives through yours. I guess I was the first little baby you helped Him save! Thanks!

    Hey, just one complaint…what’s with the pictures of the “other” Adirondack chairs?

  2. Funny you should mention that sweet son, I thought yesterday about making an attempt to show off my newest favorite tea sippin’ spots provided by my oldest and best “save” ever!!
    I am so excited that you have joined me in BLOG land and I can’t wait to join my grandsons with this fun stuff. I can see the big fish and the mission trip photos coming!!! Yeah!
    Watch for my next post, I am still new at this so photos are a big challenge. You might see my Adirondack paradise or you might see Julianna’s graduation :)!!

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