I start pretty much every morning, when I am in town, sitting in my prayer chair (the green one on the right by the window). One of my favorite things about my home is that it is full of light. I have lots of windows so usually, when I come in my living room in the morning, the light is pouring into the room. Especially now, in the Spring time. It just makes me smile.

When I sit in my prayer chair, I am very real with God. I bring my good-bad and ugly to Him. I share my struggles and my praises. I lay my requests before Him and I pour out my thanks for all that He is and for the life He is walking me through. I shared a few days back about a personal struggle that I recently brought to God and how He turned my heart from ME to HIM!

My ultimate desire for my journey with God is ALL OF HIM and NONE of me!

This morning in my prayer time, I prayed the “BE Attitudes” found in Matthew Chapter 5!

My NIV Study Bible tells me that “the word “Blessed” means more than happy because happy is an emotion often dependent upon OUTWARD circumstances. “Blessed” in The “Sermon on the Mount” refers to the ULTIMATE WELL BEING and distinctive Spiritual Joy of those who share in the Salvation of the Kingdom of God”. I LOVE that!

Think of it:
Blessed to be pour in spirit
Blessed to mourn
Blessed to be meek
Blessed to be hungry and thirsty
Blessed to be merciful
Blessed to be pure in heart
Blessed to be peacemakers
Blessed to be persecuted
Blessed to be insulted…..

It makes me think about how I often close my notes, letters and cards with the word “Blessings”.
Mmmm….in this particular scripture “Blessed” is not exactly what I have in mind when I pray that over my friends.

Not exactly the “Blessings” we all think of first….but then again…God says in Isaiah 55:8

“My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways”.

He often does things very differently than how WE think He will or should.

The First Shall be Last, right?

How about you? Are you being “Blessed” in any of these particular ways right now???


ps…come back Friday to see what I see OUTSIDE my prayer chair window that ONLY SHOWS UP THIS EASTER WEEK!!!!!!

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  1. Love this, Pat. The BE Attitudes. cute.

    Love that you quoted MY scripture. hehe…

    I think many times it’s hard for our (okay my) feeble mind to grasp even Isaiah 55:8…what are His ways, how are His ways. Yet, He is God and He does know better because as I said in my long post …He sees the larger canvas (quoted from Micca) and we see now, today, right now.

    Beautiful living/dining room.

  2. This is such a powerful post. God’s ways certainly are not our ways and He is the master builder as I heard it put today and knows exactly how to carefully and strategically place things together in our lives for a greater purpose. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. To be blessed by God isn’t always that nice warm feeling. But the outcome is like the warmth of the sun that is shining through you windows.

    love and hugs~Tammy

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