There are no “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” around here today and Jack Frost is surely nowhere to be found. In fact, our AC is still pumping hard!! It is a sunny and beautiful morning in Tampa and the temperature predictions soar into the 80’s. I may have to take a ride to the beach this week and press my feet deep into the snowy white that God has provided for us!

Regardless of the temperature, THE REASON FOR THE SEASON is rushing though my heart.

My Prayer Chair is blasting fresh air across my face and providing plenty of “atmosphere” for my morning quiet time with the Lord Jesus.



My reading time from Luke is going V…E…R….Y… slowly as I am savoring every morsel and ending up in Deuteronomy and Acts. Considering this book is 24 Chapters and 1149 verses long, it may be my book for the YEAR rather than just the season and that is just fine with me. The truth is, it’s really nothing new. Every time I open God’s Word I end up somewhere, on some page or verse I don’t expect.

I promise, in fact I challenge you, if you don’t already…TEST God’s Word. He will take you on a journey that no sleigh ride can compare with. To lands and stories and miracles that will force  you to get up from His Word and DO SOMETHING AMAZING with your day!!!

In my PLANNED reading today, I landed on another of my favorite verses. A place I had not challenged myself with for far too long.

Luke 1:45

“Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED”.

Oh my. I just don’t know what else to say. I am eloquent like that 🙂

This is my prayer:

Lord, help me to BELIEVE today. Help me to release–to surrender–my preconceived ideas of what I THINK you have said and  what I THINK should be done and allow YOU to do what you desire with my life–JOYFULLY! Plant the seed of your desires into me Lord. Change my heart to match YOUR heart. Let my plans be YOUR plans. Help me surrender ALL to your gentle hands; to your all -knowing (past, present and future) wisdom of the ages. I truly know in my deepest places that YOU have the right answers. I can trust you with my dreams, with my life, with my future.

Remind me today that nobody LOVES me like you.

Remind me that nobody KNOWS me like you.

Remind me that nobody HOLDS me like you.

I believe Lord, that what you my Abba Father, have said to me WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED!


Friends, TODAY, I will hold my new book in my hands. Please let me know if you will join my grass-roots team for getting the word out!



I have no idea how God will use it. To me, it is simply an act of obedience. One that cost me greatly in every way. One that took more than 3 years to touch. One that I am not so certain anybody else will “get”. MAYBE today, I feel a bit like Mary. Maybe today, I will respond like her.

How about you? What are you surrendering today?

What promise in your life looks more like a mistake or like a “God forgot” than a “God Plan”?

Let’s surrender together. I would love (and be encouraged) by your note today.



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  1. Hey Mom!

    I just wanted you to know that I’m praying that prayer with you (thanks to you!) today. So thanks for praying it, thanks for posting it, thanks for tweeting it, and thanks for teaching me how to understand it.

    I’ll add a few words for your book while I’m at it!

    Love from snowy New Mexico!


  2. Hi Pat,
    I commented on the Dec 4 post that I would like to help promote your book but my comment didn’t show up (I think it’s awaiting approval) and I haven’t heard from anyone. All of my contact information is in that comment. Have a blessed day!

  3. Pat, I’d love to help you get the word out about your book. I also would love to know when you are headed my direction. Got your FB message and sent you one back.

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