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I have spent a good bit of time over the past few weeks evaluating last year and planning for next year. I have some very BHAG’s (Big Hairy AUDACIOUS Goals!) for 2011 that are going take some major time and focus.

At the same time, I have considered what needs to stay and what needs to go in my life.

Along with many other things, I have been contemplating the value of my blog.

I love to write.

I love to imagine that someone is enjoying my ponderings or being encouraged or smiling.

I just don’t know. Is it making a difference? Is it worth the time?

Then…I read THIS! Today’s post by Michael Hyatt, one of my favorite bloggers.

He pointed out 6 reasons that he stops reading certain blogs. Not that I think he has ever read mine so I didn’t take his checklist as a rejection, the timing was just right since I was contemplating the value of my own blog. That could be why his blog is so popular, good timing and stuff.

I have read lots of Blog “How To’s” posted by Michael and others and have tried to heed their advice. So, again, with the attitude of learning and improving, I took the test.

Not good.

This was my honest with myself evaluation:

1. Titles (I personally think I do OK on this–I mean how cute is my title above??? ..maybe not) The problem I see is my titles are “cute” but sometimes meaningless. I don’t think they make someone hurry over to read. I mean who really cares about a “Blah Blog” even if it is VERY cute? (Thanks to Crazy Tree Media)

2. Post are boring— :(—-are you still with me???

3. Too infrequent—Big FAT guilty!!

4. Too long. Ditto– I stopped half way through most of my own re-reads.

5. Too UNFOCUSED–In my opinion, THIS IS MY WORST!! Oh my. I am ALL over the topics page. Christmas Trees and Recipes, Family photos and Footwear. Ministry and Music in bus terminals.

6. Don’t participate in the conversation..I GOT a 100/A plus here. TahDah! After all, I only get a handful of comments. I respond to every single one! I truly value and enjoy each one.

How about you? How does your blog rate? Do you sometimes wonder if it is worth the time?

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  1. I hear ya, Pat! *sigh* I haven’t even done much to develop the blog on my website. It gets low priority from me, but there’s so many other ways I connect with folks. What to do?

  2. Jenn,
    I think we have to continue to evaluate WHY we blog and what our measure of success is right?
    If ANYTHING that is optional is more stress than joy it may need to GO!

    Caron, I completely agree. People contact is NOT missing in my life!!
    Just praying this through…

    Amy, your are a sweetheart. Being distracted is just what I am trying to evaluate!!

    Thank you ladies!! You bless me.

  3. You’re not alone, Pat. I read Michael’s post and was convicted. The upside is that when we’re aware of our weaknesses, we have those insights to guide us–and goad us–as we endeavor to make positive changes.

  4. Pat,

    As I read through the list that you posted from Michael, I see that I could do better on several things. Thanks for posting this. I’ll head over to Michael’s blog and check it out.

    I ponder whether my blog is having any impact quite frequently, but then I remember that God specifically told me to take my writing from an email devo to a blog. So, for now, I’m staying faithful to the last word I heard from Him…always seeking to improve it.

    Blessings to you, Pat.


  5. Yeah Keli–
    Great attitude 🙂 Phil 3:12-14 and 2:1-4 Let’s help one another get use our blogs to fit with our callings and to spur one another along!!

    you will love Michael’s blog. I am constantly challenged to higher levels by his post!
    BTW..I am very glad you are staying the course!

  6. Hi Pat,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I really think that non-fiction writers have a slight edge on us fiction-writers in that you can begin to target your auidence of your books in your blog posts. At least I think it would be slightly easier!

    It’s so nice to meet you!

    Jody Hedlund

  7. Thank you Jody,
    Interestingly enough, although I could have broken into a deep wail after seeing you ask the same question on your blog that I ask on mine, and getting 5 BILLION comments.

    Instead, I was encouraged.

    I learned some things, I hope. In any case. I am NOT giving up. Not yet. I rarely do that and I’m not doing it now. I ENJOY writing and I LOVE people. I am hoping to get better and better, even if it takes me a LONG time 🙂

    Thank you for your visit!!

  8. I’m guilty of many of the above too. 🙂 I’m gonna try a new plan for 2011. Wish me and you luck, or better yet, wish us HIS GRACE to do HIS WILL.

    I read Michael Hyatt’s blog too and thought this post about blogging was worth a retweet.


    I think I lost most of my readers because of my lack of visiting and also switching to WordPress over the past few weeks. Anyway, I’m not giving up. One life matters to God.

    I want to write to ONE and then allow Him to do the rest. However I need to stay involved in conversation. That’s my weakest area right now because it can take all day.


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