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Wow!! Lots of great feedback on the 24 Hours to Life Unstuck 2019 idea so here we go!

I spent the entire day yesterday with my bible and my journal gifting myself with a little PERSONAL SOUL CARE! I have had a NEW YEAR practice like this for many years but I can honestly say that with the Lords’ guidance, yesterday was kicked up a notch. I spend 8 hours in His presence fully focused on mind, body, and spirit. I made plans, I surrendered some plans, I journaled dreams, I placed some dreams down.

The deal is I have not always had an ENTIRE DAY–some years my Soul Care/New Years planning time has only been for an hour or two at best. Life changes. I truly believe God responds to and blesses what He knows we have to give.

As we begin 24 Hours to an Unstuck 2019 SET YOURSELF FREE from time expectations and give God your best effort!





























We each have different lives right?!

Different seasons. Different demands.

This 24 STEP journey belongs to you. It’s your life. Your call.

FIRST–Be sure you have a book and get started reading!

You may have a book already and that will be fine! I personally am starting a brand new book so that I can make 2019 notes and highlights. I do this with Bibles occasionally as well, just to be sure I don’t get lazy and not fully receive God’s Word freshly.

Get your new book here! 

Sometimes you may have an hour each day–some days, just a few minutes!

Tomorrow, I will be sharing some ideas about how you might set your time goals.

Until then–here is a copy of the LIFE UNSTUCK MANIFESTO–

Read this over a few times and set your intentions for THIS brand new 2019 journey!

What area has been toughest for you this past year? Past? Present? Future? Peace? Purpose? Passion?

Share below in the comments if you will! I would love to hear and be praying for your 24 Day Quest.

Happy Last Saturday of the year!

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