Hey friend! Have you ever read John 10:10 in the AMPLIFIED BIBLE?
That’s a pretty amazing promise right?
So let me ask you…has your life this past year felt a little bit LESS than an OVERFLOW of abundant life? If your answer is yes–how can we have MORE in 2024? WHAT EXACTLY DOES MORE LOOK LIKE to you?
More joy, more abundance, more JESUS?
Let’s embrace the NEW YEAR by embarking upon a VISION QUEST, a VIRTUAL RETREAT scheduled for December 30th at 11 am – 3 pm EST.
Together we will find that place where your dreams and God’s divine plan come into perfect place.
Throughout our shared time, we will dig deep into dreaming, praying and crafting a vision for your NEW YEAR that mirrors the desires of your heart as they line up perfectly with God’s heart.
We will uncover that place where God’s plan becomes YOUR PLAN!
Together, we will unravel those grand, beautiful dreams of yours and see exactly where they intersect with God’s plan for you!
I don’t know about you but that is often easier said than done in my life and is much easier (and more fun) accomplished with the help of a friend!
By the end of our retreat you will have a tangible and personalized roadmap to a purposeful 2024, sprinkled with joy, faith, and an abundance of love.

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