Becoming a Blogging Babe

First off, to be considered a “Babe” at ANYTHING, at my age, is worth some attention. 

I think….
My Blogging life started actually through my YOUNG Executive Assistant, Jane. 
Before she came along, I thought a blog was something I resembled in a bathing suit (or is that BLOB??)
In any case, she opened me up to the world of blogging soon after joining our team in 2006. 
I had just signed a contract to write a book that was to rely heavily upon bloggers and emailers. Jane created an adorable template and basic platform to help me to get started. 
Immediately afterwards, my journey with Lifeway began and my life took a whole new turn–much to my surprise and delight!!     
(Check it on Lifeway Women
The other book was left in the dust along with my new blog. 
Both sat idly by for almost 2 years while some dreams that I didn’t even know that I had, began to come true (SEE!!  now there is ANOTHER BLOG IDEA–they just keep on coming like waves along my beloved Gulf coast)
I did not return to blogging until January 2008 when I made yet another attempt at the dusty blog book. 
It turned out that book was not God’s plan for me but BLOGGING, that was a whole new story!
I have fallen head over laptop for this world of wonderful, creative, friendly and funny women!
There you have it—My name is Pat and I am hooked on blogging!!

Since I have really just gotten going on this thing, it has been a bit like talking into a mirror. 
A bit of a one sided conversation with myself.
I have always joked with my staff at the ministry about the meetings that I have with myself. 
It is just more of that!! I honestly LOVE those kinds of meetings as I always have the majority vote and everyone agrees with my ideas!!!
So, over the past 8 months, I have been hooked. Dawn at Barefoot Blogs created a new look for me and off I went!
As I have been considering exactly what it is that I like so much about this new hobby. I decided to have one of those meetings that I enjoy so much and make a list for myself. 
For those lucky few who have read this far, I reward you with my notes :)……
This is what I have come to love about blogging:
I love the Friendliness and the Community of Christian women who blog.
I love the potential for communicating the TRUTH of God’s WORD, that is shared so freely, so transparently, so womanly. I love how REAL women are on blogs and how real I can be about my walk with God!
I love it that my BLOG is MY Place!! I can do whatever I want here. Make it look like I want it to look  and change it as often as I please.
I love that my “Sweet Tea” has no deadlines!! (I could use an editor however!!)
I love the possibility that I might say something that could inspire, heal, bless, encourage or tickle one of the sweet friends who read my blog or a new friend that I have never seen and maybe will never see.
I love to have one more place in the world to possibly make a Kingdom difference!
I love having my own little identity in “Sweet Tea”, my personal place. I heard someone refer to a blog name as being “like the name on the side of a boat” only MUCH cheaper!!

I love WORDS and Writing and Crafting new ideas, even if I am the only one who sees them but especially if someone comes along, stops for a visit and discovers a pleasant surprise.
Lastly, and I haven’t really even begun to sharpen this skillyet, but I LOVE being a “what to be” photographer! There is something about blogging that has opened my eyes to a whole new world.
Things like lizards napping on fence post!

 capturing clouds through Sea Grass

and the color of art shows that I have always walked past without really noticing!!

All in all, I love blogging:
Now, if anyone is on the other side of this mirror, tell me….please…
What do you like about blogging????

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  1. Okay… I’ll take the plunge here as first commenter. Although I wouldn’t classify myself as a babe of anything. But I like your title and you definitely qualify since you have been around the world and back with all your blogs.

    Well, as you know I have two blogs and two profiles but both under the identity of Meems. One (HoeandShovel.blogsot)is for my garden photos and the other (walkwisely.blogspot) is to share Biblical truths and beliefs that are not always mainstream.

    The main reason I like blogging is because it is a creative outlet. It started out as a way for me to share my garden and the photographs I take. That is still the biggest draw for me. I’ve learned a great deal from the world of gardening bloggers along the way.

    Sharing spiritual growth and encouraging truths on my other blog is my favorite thing.

    Reading blogs like yours that are funny and inspiring adds to my addiction. The interaction is enlightening and stimulating at times. And just getting to see slices of other people’s hearts through their own writing is just plain interesting.

  2. Ah Pat…I am SO GLAD you decided to stick it out with the blogging. I remember coming to visit with you on your “pantylines” blog (hee hee).

    Thanks for your inspiration and always kind/encouraging words when you come to visit with me in Mel’s World!

    Enjoy the Journey,

  3. Meems,
    Thank you for being first. It is only right since you are the most responsible for passing on your Blogging addiction. I honestly used to be completely baffled at how much TIME you could waste on these things….
    gotta go now, need to check my Google Reader 🙂
    love you,

  4. Mel, Your blog is one of the many who inspired me!
    Just think, if not for blogging we would be complete strangers!
    Thank you for the visit,

  5. Oh, the marvel of your linking prowess! ;o)

    Like Meems, my favorite thing is the creative outlet. A very close second, if not neck-n-neck is the relationship of the blog community. I’ve found the thought-provoking, the funny, the inspiring, and the artistic all within the Christian blog-world, and people I’ve never met that would drop what they’re doing to pray. It’s extraordinary.

    It’s also an amazing way for everyone from homeschooling moms to high-powered executives to have a ministry platform. We all have a story and we all have something that can minister to someone else. Blogging just makes it possible, now, for one person in small-town Iowa to touch the heart of another in Zimbabwe!

    I’m hooked, I tell ya…hooked!

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