Bear Killing Prayer

I had the craziest dream last night!

I dreamed that a GIANT–I’m talking GOLIATH sized bear was eating a baby alligator in a lake right next to where one of my grandsons was sitting in a swing and a bunch of men from my family were sitting around chatting. Kind of like a family reunion.

(The alligator thinking was surely caused by my fascination yesterday with an alligator playing and eating outside my office window all day)

Anyway, the bear suddenly lost focus on his little catch and spotted all the men up on the lawn, a far better dinner than a baby alligator, and headed their way ROARING so loudly the ground shook.


I was watching this scene unfolded from inside the house where I was holding one “G”baby girl and was surrounded by all others along with all the women in the family.

As first I was spinning around trying to decide what to do, then, I put the baby down and started pacing the house–and started to ROAR–BOLDLY and as loudly as that bear, calling upon God and demanding that that bear RUN AWAY!

Then, I woke up 🙂 Sweating 🙂 (not that THAT is so unusual at this stage of my life 🙂

I kind of forgot the dream, got my coffee and headed to my prayer chair. I picked up the AMPLIFIED Bible as I was feeling a need for some AMPLIFICATION over a few pressing issues on my heart this morning, and read Mark 14.

Oh my Jesus.

First–I LOVE the story of the woman with the alabaster jar who gave EVERYTHING to her Lord.

I love how Jesus protects her from verbal abuse and judgement from others who just don’t get her, by saying–“She has done a good and beautiful thing to me”.


But as I continued to read the story of the last supper and I read the words from Jesus where he said to the disciples “You will all fall away this night, you will be caused to stumble and will begin to distrust and desert me”...I thought about the polar opposites of those statements…

to the woman he said—you have done a good and beautiful thing,

tot the disciples he said–you will stumble, distrust and desert.

My mind wandered back to my dream and I smiled. In my dream I did not dessert my faith in God.

I did not look for a gun.

I did not call 911.

I did not start barricading windows.

I prayed.

Oh that I would always choose prayer. The Lord reminded me of how easy it is to try EVERYTHING ELSE but prayer and worship when the ROAR of the BEAR fills the air. How quick I am to try to figure things out and come up with my own plan. To CALL on someone else for rescue. Asking for prayers, asking for advice. All good things but NOT beyond my own ROAR!

I was reminded of David and Goliath.

I was reminded to boldly and loudly claim today what I need from Jesus.

How about you??

What might be causing you to stumble? distrust and desert?

Join me will you? Tell me the verse you are claiming today.


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