Are you the one we are praying for??

We are 10 days into 2011 and I am ALMOST ready for it 🙂

My home office files are cleaned out and new folders are made. (Ministry office day is tomorrow).

My 2010 personal and ministry review is complete and my 2011 Goals are written.

My 2010 Speaking/Ministry Calendar has been recorded and my Address Book has been updated.

My 2010 “receipts” file has been replaced with one that says 2011.

As I have updated at least the first half of my 2011 Family & Ministry Calendar, I have been praying for someone. It might be you.

Since June 9, 1984 God has managed my calendar. For the most part anyway. I can’t say that I have NEVER MISSED a direction He was sending me, a date He asked me to make, a rest He asked me to take or a request He ask me to SHAKE 🙂 But I can say, HE HAS HAD MY HEART–hook, line and sinker–since that day almost 27 years ago. I am totally His and pressing into everyday for all He has for me and mine.

This year is no different. As far as I know and to the best of my ability, I have filled in what He has led me to fill in…so far.

Last year was the kickoff of a new Woman’s conference God put together in my heart 2 years ago called “Imagine Me…Redeemed, Restored, Renewed…Set Free”. We call the weekend conference “Freedom Weekends”. For you women’s ministry leaders, we call it–“Retreat in a Suitcase”!!

In 2008 I gathered some prayer partners (always my #1) and began to put my heart on paper and WRITE THE VISION according to His Word.

In 2009, I put the vision together and added all the pieces “I” could do, the rest was completely up to God. I laid out a fleece of prayer and ask Him if it was ready to go.

He said YES!!

In 2010 we held our first 4 Freedom Weekends!! North Carolina, Colorado, Texas and Georgia!

They were more than we ever hoped or dreamed they might be.

I have prayed about this years plan and believe that with other ministry goals and commitments, God has led us to do 4 or 5 weekends this year. We are also adding an online Bible Study for follow-up.

3 Freedom Weekends are booked so far and one is penciled in…..

I’m just praying now for the next one.

Is it you I am praying for???

Along that line…I am just wondering,

WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER ONE God planted VISION for 2011 and what will you do THIS week to advance it??

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  1. hello,
    i found your site by reading today’s devotion in journey- a daily devotional book.
    over the past few years i have begun to seek healing and counseling. i am not sure what God wants me to do, but i started off this year by ordering the surrendering the secret workbook and dvds. i am 47 yr.s old and have grown children and family members who do not know that at 21 i made the decision to have an abortion. i am not sure i can handle “surrendering the secret” to them, but i want God to use me husband of 25 years has been my support system through the years, but last year he encouraged me to seek christian counseling. i am caustiously stepping outside of my comfort zone here. sometimes i want to be like esther (in the bible) who was willing to expose herself in order to save her people, and at other times i am scared to death to reveal my past.
    please pray for me to know clearly what He wants me to do in this area.
    thank you,

  2. Sweet Anita,
    How precious for you to share your secret with me. See, you have made the first big step.
    Please visit our blog at
    Our entire team is on there often. We want to be there for you. If you will email me, I will help you find an area group leader.
    My prayers and blessings.
    God has a precious plan for you!!
    Jer 29:11

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