Are you STUCK?

Celebration of a New Year always inspires fresh hopes, dreams and resolutions.

They say the average “resolution” last less than a month. In fact, THIS FRIDAY is often referred to as “Fail Friday” YUK! Lets NOT!!!

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I shared in this post about the different kind of dreaming and planning that kicked off my new year. I don’t think it was really about NOT having dreams and goals but more about having SO MANY I actually overwhelmed myself! It took me a few weeks to gain some FOCUS!

As I have spent more time over the past few weeks to gather my thoughts and shake the cotton balls from my brain, I have gotten sweet clarity and made a list of 10 things I hope to accomplish this year. Now I am working on a breakdown of Monthly and Weekly goals.

A few TOOLS that have helped me tremendously:

1–FREE DOWNLOAD provided by Ruth Soukup at Living Well and Spending Less.

2– Donald Millers’ Creating Your Life Plan.

3–I am loving my new “The To Do List Planner” by She Plans for my daily activities and billions of brain notes!!

All that is great.

Planning is great.

Dreaming is great but what about those areas of life that just keep us STUCK?!!



I am so glad you asked 🙂

That is where MY NEW BOOK can help! Life Unstuck applies the 24 timeless verses found in Psalm 139, God’s PERFECT Life Plan, to help us find out where we are STUCK and enjoy Life Unstuck!

The book covers our stuck in THE PAST places (when a past heartbreak or a betrayal of trust keeps us stuck and unable to move ahead), our stuck in THE PRESENT places (present circumstances–illness, finances, job, relationships that are wrapped around us like an octopus and keeping us from moving ahead) and our stuck in THE FUTURE places (no dream, no plans, no purpose stirring our hearts).

The deal is, sometimes we are not quite sure exactly what is keeping us STUCK.

A great place to start uncovering those stuck places is with a PERSONAL ASSESSMENT!

Do you need one?

I am so glad you asked 🙂

I am offering a quick and easy tool FREE ON MY HOMEPAGE, it is my GIFT for you to use to help you see the STUCK places and patterns in your life.

I hope you will download it today, take the test then comeback and tell me your score!!! Let’s talk about it!

In case you missed it–Go back to my HOME PAGE and sign up for my mailing list to get your FREE Assessment! 

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I am sharing on Periscope this week about how to identify your stuck places and how to begin to dig yourself OUT! I hope you will join me! I normally try to scope around 10:30 am but you can watch a scope all day long or even visit me on KATCH to see my scopes anytime! (Be GENTLE, I am learning as I go :))

Let’s take hold of Life Unstuck, together, shall we?!




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  1. Pat,
    Your periscope really blesses and encourages me! I have spent so much of my life trying to hide my physical challenges. But, now I am trying to use them as my mission field! I grew up with naturally curly hair, and spent a lot of time trying to blow it out to look straight. Now, I’m embracing my curls after years of fighting them. In the same way I am embracing my disabilities instead of fighting them. Make sense? I’m allowing God to teach me to work with my abilities to reach others that may have a similar struggle. God loves each of us where we are! I spent a long time not loving myself because I was ashamed of my physical deficits. I’m not only loving me, but reaching out to tell others they can love themselves and find God’s love for themselves!
    Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Pat,
    I am so thankful for you. I feel like you really get it…that you see people…really see them. That is such a gift from God, El Roi. I have such a desire to write and share my life lessons, but I’m having a hard time figuring out who my tribe is…I write because I feel called to share, but then the piece seems to have no effect. Then I start to care more about what others think, start comparing, and I forget that it was God who callede to write to begin with. I need help my friend and I’m very excited to take your assessment ?

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