Are you feeling a bit muddy?

This may surprise some of you who read this blog but sometimes my spiritual life gets a bit muddy. Sometimes, it seems that as much as I want to serve God wholeheartedly and reflect His Glory and Goodness, all I reflect is MUD. Almost always when that happens, it comes as a complete surprise to me.

I remember, when one of my sons was a teenager, waking up one morning and glancing out the front window on my way to my first cup of coffee . What I spotted stopped me cold. I noticed my son’s jeep parked in the driveway covered with mud from top to bottom, inside and out. It was a mess.

As I began to look around my house, more dirty evidence began to unfold. Things like a pile of muddy clothes in the laundry room and muddy footprints that lead up the stairs to the bedroom of certain said son.

As I followed the trail of trouble, I found my son, sleeping soundly nestled under the covers of his bed.

He was quite happy until the rude awakening that occurred by this very unhappy Mama.

You may have heard the saying…”When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”! It is a scientific truth.

Upon investigation the confession was made that the previous night my darling son and his buddy had been “Mudding”. Can you imagine??? Kids!! I just told a young friend who is enduring teen troubles. The only reason we allow them to live is because at some point they bring us grand babies!

My Bible study this morning talked about a saint, a prophet actually, who ended up in the mud.

His name was Jeremiah. The story is found in Jeremiah 37 and 38. As I read these chapters this morning I was so struck by Jeremiah’s bad luck. Actually, I was thinking, this is a bit unfair Lord. Jeremiah was just doing what God told Him to do, saying what God told him to say and he ended up “flogged”, put in prison and eventually dipped in mud! For goodness sakes. Where is the fairness in that??

Unlike my darling son, Jeremiah’s mud bath was not of his own doing nor was it a fun night playing in the mud!

Sometimes we can be doing our very best to serve God, to obey His directions, and things just get all muddy. Ever had that happen? I know I have and it is normally when I least expect it.

If you are feeling a bit muddy today, like life is just not fair. If you feel like you are serving God but people just don’t get it. Do what my son did, TAKE COVER, in the warm embrace of God’s Love.

Remember His promises. Remember that His plan is far bigger than our plan and sometimes quite impossible to understand, in the moment, in the mud. Jeremiah was finally pulled up to safety. You will be too!

Psalms 139: 8 says “When I go to the Heavens, you are there, when I make my bed in the (MUD*) you are there”!

Praise His Holy Name!

My son on the other hand was in for some major laundry duty!! That little cutie!

*PKL version of the Bible!

I am headed out to Seiverville, Tn tomorrow to be with a bunch of amazing women from Second Baptist Church! Can’t wait to see the Fall leaves and everything else God does!

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  1. I hate mud, but there are times I’ve been stuck right in the middle of it.
    Oh, I needed to read this, this morning “The only reason we allow them to live is because at some point they bring us grand babies!”

    A bit of a mud bath with my daughter, this morning 🙁

    love and hugs~Tammy

  2. I believe Seiverville is near Gatlingburg. It seems we passed it when heading south toward Gatlinburg.

    Muddy…I feel like I have mud on me too much of the time.

    We don’t know his plans nor understand. I always love to hear/see Isaiah 55:8 paraphrased or mentioned.

    Yes, the leaves have/are changing and SOOO beautiful around here.

  3. I am knee deep in “mud” with my teenage daughter. Ugh…this is hard! I needed to read the comment about allowing them to live!

    I don’t get to see the leaves changing here in Texas. I am sure it is beautiful to see.

  4. Pat,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Life is muddy but children are worth the investment and the grandbabies that go with it! Enjoy those falling leaves and may His spirit fall fresh on each precious heart at the retreat!

  5. Hi Ladies, Thank you for your visit today. I have been out running errands to prepare for leaving town tomorrow. It is so fun to come home and see notes from friends! Glad you could all relate to the “MUD” story….I think?? That may not be nice for me to say huh?

    Also, Thanks for your prayers for my upcoming retreat! All I want is Jesus!

    Bless you each one!

  6. What a great story…oh the muddy waters of parenting! And of LIVING!

    Excited to hear about your time in Tennessee…can only imagine the glory you are beholding!

    Love you friend,

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