Are you an “iny” or an “outy”?

No, I am not talking about Belly Buttons. I am talking about restaurants.

Do you like to sit inside or outside?

It truly is an important question in any relationship and one that should be considered in the getting to know you phase. My husband and I have struggled with this many times over the years and I can tell you, it has caused us some really stressful moments.

You see, my honey likes to eat indoors. He likes a soft comfy booth, preferably with a TV within eye view. Not that he would DIRECTLY watch TV instead of talking to me!! It is just NICE when one is close enough glance at now and then. You know, to check out a score or catch a touchdown during the salad. He likes to sit somewhere that is cool when it is hot outside and warm when it is cold outside. He likes artificial lighting, used air, and the sound of pots clanking in your ear….(Maybe I am sounding a bit bitter here).

I, on the other hand, love to eat Al Fresco anytime! I don’t care if it is 99 degrees in Florida. There is just something about fresh air and sky that makes food taste better to me (Which I depseratley need since I am at risk of wasting away–NOT!!).

I LOVE to eat by the ocean or even a lake. I love to have grass nearby and birds that hover overhead (not DIRECLY over but NEAR!). I truly enjoy sitting and people watching or enjoying God’s creation while I eat and visit about life’s up and downs.

Some of my favoite outdoor eating spots are in quaint little downtown cafes, beachfront breakfast, and even Starbucks patios.

I love to eat outside at Disney World, talk about people watching! I love to enjoy a Grouper Sandwich while watching the sunset. I have never eaten outdoor in Hawaii but it is a lifetime dream along with a candle light dinner overlooking a vineyard in Tuscany.


Thankfully, most of my girlfriends GET this and feel the same way about a relaxing lunch or dinner under an umbrella–rain or shine.

I just think this really matters to a relationship. I have warned my daughter to settle this matter early. I suggest you do the same.

So tell me, are you an “iny” or an “outy”??

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  1. Sorry but I would have to agree with your husband here. I live in Texas and it’s either hot or windy or one of us is allergic to something in the air. (Are we a fun bunch or what?!) I’ve tried to eat outside but honestly I prefer indoors where the air is “used” and the flies don’t join me for dinner. ; )

  2. Yikes! I’m an iny and my hubby is an outy! I cant stand being hot, although living in AZ you would think the opposite :-). But honestly I can def. eat indoors or outdoors; depending on the weather and atmosphere!

  3. Outy for sure. That is outy of the restaurant altogether. Not a happening thing at our stage of life BUT it will come.

    Although, we do eat ‘outy’ on our deck by the pool so that counts no?

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