April Cute Boot Giveaway Day!!

Greetings friends. Sorry to be a day late for my April Cute Boot Giveaway!

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I have been a tad busy on the Unstuck Woman’s Club, 24 Days of Prayer and Praise! Which is where my NEXT Giveaway will be. I hope you will join us there!

In the meantime—Drum Roll Please for Kristy Thomas!! 

Thank you Kristy for your support of Life Unstuck! We saw you on Facebook! and loved your Instagram selfies with your book! Thank you for sharing the vision and passion I have for helping women discover:

Peace with the Past

Purpose in the Present and 

Passion for the Future!

Join us on the 24 Day Journey friends–My give-away for May will be:

1–A FREE Fall Freedom Quest Weekend!

2–Cute Boots, of course!

3–A Free Goodie Box for a Fall Bible Study using my new Life Unstuck 6 week taping and study guide releasing in June. The study box will supply you and 5 friends with all you need including a copy of Life Unstuck.

Visit the Life Unstuck Website to purchase your book (also sold wherever books are sold!) for your 24 Days of Praise Reading Guide and join us at The Unstuck Woman Club page on Facebook! I’ll share a daily greeting and Life Unstuck challenge through May 24th. Join anytime!!

Saturday Hugs and Blessings,



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