This is my grandson Jacob! Jacob is a fisherman. He has had a passion for fishing since he was just a bitty boy. You can see by the grin on his face and the catch in his grip that he is a GOOD fisherman. Fishing makes Jacobs little heart happy and when something gets on his hook, that little hearts starts to rush and pound. He gives that fish all the fight that he has in him.

Jacob can tell me the name of pretty much any fish I point out. He knows where they live, when they eat and what they eat. He knows how many are legal to catch and how to catch them. Jacob loves to fish!!

That is what it feels like to be “apprehended”.

Now, although I believe that Jacob’s love of fishing will follow him all the days of his life, I also believe other things will “apprehend” my Jacob as he gets older. One of those things will surely have rosy lips and long lashes, but that is for another day. Today, for now, Jacob is apprehended by fishing!!

What one thing, or things, do you do in life that makes your heart pound faster and demands every drop of your attention? What do you think about day and night? What do you study, dream about, read about and talk about that makes you feel like you were born to do it? What do you live to apprehend?

When I read what Paul expresses in Philippians 3:10-12 I see this condition at work. Paul has spent his entire life pursuing excellence and success. He has grown into a man who prides himself on his education and his passion for what he believes in. Paul is admittedly zealous in his murderous pursuit of Christians to the destruction of men, women and children. I can just imagine that prior to his being “apprehended” by Christ, when he had a Christian at the tip of his sword he probably felt a bit like Jacob felt when he nailed that big fish. Proud, accomplished, on top of his world. But then, suddenly, things changed for Paul. In the blink of an eye (so to speak), Paul’s life came unglued. He realized that he has been FISHING in the wrong waters. Using the wrong bait. Catching the wrong fish!!

His zeal had been misplaced. His passion paused. Within minutes, maybe seconds, Paul’s whole world changed. Everything that he had fought so hard to accomplish shattered around him as he slammed right smack into The Saviour of the World. Jehovah. El Shaddai. The one and only Messiah. His Lord.

Paul was apprehended.

I remember the day in my life that I had the same experience. Everything that I had thought mattered was shattered and fell around me in a pile of mistakes and bad choices. It was the day that I slammed right smack into the Saviour of the World, The Saviour, Jehovah. El Shaddai. The Messiah. My Lord!!

I was apprehended.

I am apprehended today!! Are you???
I would love to hear your FISH tale 🙂

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  1. Hey Mom- I love the pictures of Jacob! He is a good fisherman! His brother does pretty good too. For that matter, Kim can fish too…I’m the only one who is seemingly incapable! Though I am an excellent boat driver, which makes up for my shortcomings in the sight of my crew.

    I enjoyed your thoughts on being apprehended. Paul was quite literally “apprehended” himself at the time he wrote Philippians, so the scripture your referred to is doubly fitting.

    See Ya!

  2. Sweet Tim,
    Great Point!! I had not even thought about where Paul was sitting as he penned those words of commitment. Precious reminder of the depth of his love and transformation. I must admit that my own vision of “apprehended” pales in comparison!! Thank you for helping me to count my blessings!

  3. It was nice to meet you yesterday!: )
    I love this picture and Jacob’s smile. You have such a nice blog and what an awesome ministry!!!

    Becky : )

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