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An Unstuck Christmas Home and a FREE GIFT!

Most assuredly some of your Christmas plans have begun to take shape, even if only in your head. I almost always drag out my Christmas decorations over Thanksgiving weekend and often buy our annual fresh tree during this weekend. I have always enjoyed decorating for any holiday but Christmas is my very favorite. My kids used to tease that I “throw up” Christmas. Nice huh? Only our children!!

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Welcome to my website! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and made a new memory! If you are new here–here is how I roll on my blog–

I want to be consistent, sometimes I am.

I want to be creative and engaging, sometimes I am.

I want to offer you value for your time and a reason to return, sometimes I do.

I want to create here, dream here, ponder the little things here and share my heart here–I always do.

I want to GIVE AWAY GREAT BOOKS! I always do!

So–over the next few weeks, until Christmas Day, I’ll be sharing some clips from a Christmas devotional I have written called 30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas.

Every day, a though about your Heart, your Home and/or your Chirtsmas Harvest (overflow of blessing). Today is Day 2!

Your Unstuck Christmas Home assignment for today is to evaluate how much, with what and for WHOM you will decorate this year.

Last year, after moving to a new home–I went SIMPLE! Our youngest “G’s” were far away so I just decided to quiet my heart and my home a bit from years past. I put up a tree (you saw it yesterday), kept the outside decorations classy but simple and created a sweet centerpiece for my sofa table. You can find my PERSICOPE video on katch.me/patricialayton sometime this week to see my centerpiece make over!

One way to think this out for the year is to ask a few questions:

What are my circumstances this year for holiday decorating and shopping? Are finances tight? Is time an issue? What are my anticipated entertainment obligations with family and friends?

Grab a notebook or journal out and take some time to think and pray about how you want your holidays to look in/out of your home this year. Then, write out a “To Do” list and a “TO DON’T” list with some budget and time guidelines that will help you feel UNSTUCK!!

Remember: create the Christmas that shines with your love for Jesus -let’s sparkle and glitter with the REASON FOR THE SEASON, with the glare of that faith & love – and you WILL feel unstuck!

Every week I give away a good book! There are LOTS (TONS I SAY!!) of ways to be entered into the drawing.

Your name is dropped into the hat FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE you choose to visit!! The first 3 you can do RIGHT NOW!

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Here is my book giveaway this week written by my sweet friend Carol Kent!


So, have a blessed Friday and I hope you will join me for an Unstuck Christmas and visit often!


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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I usually end up getting rushed just before Christmas Day because I put things off & the time flies. Plan to put some of your ideas into practice this year to make it more of a time of peace with family.

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