Am I “leaning into change” or just drooping over it?

I am surrounded by CHANGE PAIN.

This past week has made me DROOP with discussions about CHANGE.
New Paradigms..blah, blah, blah…..
New ways of thinking..blah, blah, blah…..
The OLD is gone the NEW has come…blah, blah, blah……

One discussion involved my Bible study group, a group of WAY YOUNG CUTIES who somehow manage to make me feel younger and older at the same time.

I love how they do that.

I am meeting with a group of young Millennial women (20-40 year olds) who are helping me with a book project I am working on, actually have been working on since BEFORE they experienced puberty. We meet every few weeks and banter around whatever controversial SIZZLING topic we can drag up.

After the meeting before last, I actually BLUSHED all the way home. We talked about something that as a woman, sister, mother and friend, I have NEVER DISCUSSED with even ONE woman, much less a group of women.

They are TODAYS young Moms and tomorrows Grandmothers. What they think as God-Chasing women matters, but I can tell you right now, It is REALLY DIFFERENT than what I was taught and heard as a young Christian woman.

Change Pain.

The second most passionate 🙂 conversation I have had this week was about the NEW WAYS to do ministry, specifically via social media.

I am founder of a 25 year old para-church ministry, a crisis pregnancy center we were once called, now a Pregnancy Resource Center, that in many ways still looks like it did when I first opened the doors. We still do a whole lot of stuff just like we did when we opened the doors in 1989.

Don’t get me wrong. Thanks to brilliant fresh and young leadership, we have some amazing new strategies and lots of progressive services that have placed us as a ministry model across America but the truth is–We still need change. We will ALWAYS need change. Otherwise, we are left behind by the very clients we are trying to serve. If we don’t change with the culture we desire to reach, they can’t find us, or worse they don’t WANT TO FIND US, because they speak a different language.

As I was thinking about “boots” and change, somehow in the mossy brain of mind I thought of this song. I found it on YOU TUBE (Imagine That!) through GOOGLE! I think when it came out it was on a big black record. Check out these boots verses the boots of my girls. How about the haircut and the PERFORMANCE for goodness sakes. (Think Lady Gaga) :). Change.

This morning as I read Michael Hyatt’s blog, part of my morning routine, I watched the online VIDEO INTERVIEW he has on his BLOG. A NEW tool that allowed me to hear from SETH GODIN, what I used to have to go to a conference to hear or maybe even NEVER got to hear because there was no such way of hearing it. Seth is discussing the changing world of publishing and reaching others with our PASSION, our MESSAGE. Seth used the term “leaning into change”.

I wrote it down.

I ordered his book.

I want to know more.

How about you?

How are you handling CHANGE today? Are you “leaning into it” or are you just drooping over it?

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  1. Oh change-let me count thy ways. Change of life for the past 11 years since we had our ‘surprise’ child at 41 y.o. Then we adopted our now 4y.o. granddaughter-so now I’m 52 w/ and 11 y.o. and 4 y.o. FT homemaker, we own our own business so I take care of the books and all from that. Then the girls start school this Monday so we will have 1 in jr high and the other in pre K. It doesn’t seem like change because we have been raising children for the past 30 yrs but it is at this point in my life it makes me droopy many days. Oh dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade these girls for anything-God has seen fit to continue blessing us w/ children so we take care of them well. But I do feel like I am drooping or tripping most days just keeping up w/ everything. Oh I forgot the chicken farm we have too although hubby tries to do everything for them I still have to tend to them once in awhile. All this while facing the ‘change of life’-fatigue, headaches, mood swings, etc…… If I didn’t have God I know I would have fallen apart by now.

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