‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature is stirring, Not even a mouse..

Each one is exhausted, not a bone left unworn.

The candles are ugly and the paper is torn.


The stockings are laying all strewn on the floor

And the wreath is lopsided on half the frontdoor.

The presents are packed and ready to take back..

The ripped open boxes are shoved in a stack.


The parties and eating and shopping are done.

All captured in photos of feasting and fun

….to be stored on computers and seen by no-one.


The Christmas tree branches are shedding and brown,

The angels and stars are all looking down.

The lights are all drooping, the ones that still work..

With fragments of broken bulbs on the tree skirt.


Another year over…

Only memories to keep

Other than some casserole left to reheat.


As I think of the days from Thanksgiving to now…

I can’t help but wonder…


How did we do Lord, in our reflections of You?

Our worship?

Our silence?

The honor you’re due?

Were you pleased with our praise songs?

Our Holiday plays?

Did you smile at the focus on YOU all these days?

Did you see us kneel before you and say….

I love you My Jesus..

Just Like every day????


When it’s all been said and it’s all been done….

He’ll ask me, do you know your Savior?

Do you know my Son?


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  1. Pat, I absolutely love this. Love it.

    As i led our church’s two Christmas Eve services my heart’s only cry was that Jesus be glorified and God be pleased.

    Happy New Year, dear one.

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