A Woman’s Quest Membership Coterie

YOU ARE a “one of a kind unique design” but

You need “community”!

A Woman’s Quest is an Small Group Mastermind “Coterie” for Christian women who are pressing upwards towards a
Philippians 3:13-14 dream!

A high calling!

Join this cutting edge group of like minded women who want to share your QUEST and help you fulfill your destiny!

You need help from others who have learned the way!

co·te·rie/ˈkōdərē,ˌkōdəˈrē: a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.
“a coterie of friends and advisers”

quest: to search, seek, pursue something of value

YOU ARE CALLED! God has called you to your unique story and life journey. Sometimes, yours might be A LONELY CALLING! Sometimes it feels like we have been “called” to a life of wandering, wondering and seeking. This QUEST can come with a constant battle of comparison, fear and doubt. THE GOOD NEWS IS-It doesn’t have to be! Not when you are part of a COTERIE! Not when you have an entire network behind you for encouragement and loving accountability.

Together with a network of women who want to help one another succeed, we will share our QUEST and lend a helping hand.

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Join Pat Layton


* Author of 11 books both traditional and self published including an international Lifeway best seller!

* Founder of several businesses both for profit and non profit ministries;

* Popular speaker featured on Focus on the Family; Life Today; Proverbs 31 Ministries; Speak Up Conference and more;

* Leader of over 4,000 Leaders serving an international non profit ministry;

* 30 plus years of sharing her story through speaking, writing and leading!


I have been (and sometimes still am) where you are. I get YOU! After over 30 years as a ministry leader, published author, coach and and speaker, I understand your challenges and things that frustrate you! There is a dream in your heart that often seems to be just a stretch away and I want help you enjoy it. Let’s embrace it together!

Do ANY of these seem familiar?


You are called to be UNIQUELY YOU but feel a bit STUCK! Stuck in Confusion? Comparison? Conflict? Maybe you feel stuck in a place or places that keep you taking one step forwards and two steps back from the life you long for and know God has for you!.


Something or someone has held you back! A habit. Fear of failure. Closed doors. Lack of support. You truly long for someone who UNDERSTANDS!


You have a dream but everyone else with that dream seems to be miles ahead and you are not so sure you should step out. Not enough time? Not enough resources? Not enough knowledge? Not enough experience? Just not sure you are good ENOUGH?!

This group has literally changed my ministry!”

I joined A Woman’s Quest with Pat from a place of silent and lonely desire. Not so much brokenness. Not really trauma or drama but simply a quiet unspoken place of longing for more. More of what I KNEW God was calling me to but I just couldn’t figure out HOW to get there. Worse than that–nobody around me really understands. I have great friends but they have a different calling and purpose than I do. Pat’s invitation to take a QUEST with her sparked that need and teased me with hope. Hope for other women who “get” me. Hope for fresh ideas. Hope for resources and tools to help me get started or grow my dream. I joined A Woman’s Quest tired and ready to quit. Now I am part of a team of lifelong friends and other women who understand my challenges AND my celebrations.

Best of all, I have a huge new dream!

This QUEST literally changed my life.

Susan, Fall 2021

I’ve been in your DREAMER shoes.. more than once!


Let’s gather some other dreamers and do it together! YOU ARE WORTH THE TIME! YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT! When you consider how many lives depend upon your gifts, your story and your path to health, happiness and FREEDOM–you begin to understand this truth-


A Woman’s Quest will help you in your life long calling to live and share your story through speaking, writing, teaching, coaching, your own business…dot..dot..dot.. and the ABUNDANT LIFE that Jesus wants you to share with the world. YOU ARE CALLED to be a voice in a culture of fear, hopelessness and pain. We all know, life goes from today’s needs to tomorrows demands. Today’s resources and answers have to lead us day after day! We can’t take a short course or attend the most powerful conference ever, that will serve us long term unless we have a TEAM to walk the journey with us.

A Woman’s Quest is not a one stop shop, it is YOUR COTERIE for courage, clarification, community and collaboration!


A Woman’s Quest Network will help you:

  • Understand and clarify your passion and your purpose.
  • Engage mentors, sponsors, professional services that you need to take your next steps.
  • Find “community” and connections with other women who “get you” and your calling.
  • Trust your goals and create a vision map that will lead you to them.
  • Confirm exactly what is God calling you to do and the next steps you need to take to do it.
  • Discover who are you being called to serve and how can you reach them?
  • Create a clear plan that will help you follow your heart and see your dreams come true.
  • Celebrate your success with other women who are on your Quest!
  • Receive personal guidance and experienced coaching for your unique ministry.
  • Hear from guest speakers and coaches who will share their experience and services.

IT IS TIME to pursue the CALLING GOD has placed on your life!

I want to be your dream guide–your ministry mentor!

Let’s get down to business

Here is what you will get from being part of

A Woman’s Quest

Step one: The Invitation

#1-If you don’t know where to start-You will gain CLARITY

So many amazing women with God anointed stories to tell are simply STUCK at the starting line. Over and over I hear “Pat, I don’t know where to start”. Well get ready my friend because I am going to be that Mamma Coach who points to the staring line and gives you a loving BOOT to say, “JUST START”! Together we will review and evaluate your ideas, meet others who are on the trip, understand our pace and consider what tools we need to have with us and how will we use them. Our QUEST begins with an introductory session that will get you excited about what is coming and prepare for your next steps.

Step two

#2-If you are not sure you have what it takes-We are going to embrace some CONFIDENCE!

After we CLARIFY who God created you to be and the story He wants you to tell, we will set you up for success by identifying some YOU-NIQUE ways for you to get started. We are going to consider together, where you have been in life and where you are headed! We will get some questions answered, and move that clarity into a vision for where we are going!

We will be incorporating a literal QUEST MAP that will be a LIFELONG RESOURCE that can restore your direction again and again.

Step three

#3-If you need a Step by Step Road Map. You will find COACHING for your Success!

This step, returned to as often as needed, will uncover limiting beliefs; setbacks; lack of support; negative “Nicks and Nellies” who have stripped you of the faith to move forward to SET YOU FREE to be all that God intended. Who SAID this was not a good idea? Who said you were too old or too young? Who said, “Lots’ of people are already doing that”?? Who said your “platform” isn’t big enough? We are going to LOVINGLY prove them wrong!

Step four

#4-If someone has told you–“You can’t do it alone” THEY ARE CORRECT! In this group-You will find COLLABORATION! Grab the rope of the friend ahead of you! She will help you up!

Let’s take a clear look at where we are on this journey – right here – right now. Imagine a peaceful mountain hike where the time comes to sit down with a cool drink of water and your hiking map. It is time to get a little help form a friend. Using several exciting and fun tools from our Quest backpack we will pause in the moment to evaluate all we have seen on the journey and be sure our path is clear, and we are well cared for. Let’s talk about the next tools you might need for your QUEST and where you can find them. We will call up to the friends ahead of us to ask for the help and resources we need to follow the path God has revealed. We have moved from STUCK TO FREE and are skipping to the next vista! This is a time to take a breath, pause, and seek a hand up!

Step five

#5-If you need some cheerleaders! You are about to hear a word behind you-CARRY ON Woman of God! Isaiah 30:21

The VISION and the VIEW belong to YOU! We have done some hard work, worked up a good sweat, wiped our brows, drew one another up and kept going—at this point in the QUEST—you have arrived at some level of the coveted VIEW! It is time to enjoy all that you have accomplished and DREAM about your next adventure! THIS is your calling, your passion but there is always a NEW ADVENTURE–We will always be encouraging one another on to new heights; new paths that are UN CHARTERED! What is the next QUEST God has in store for you?!

Step six: The CELEBRATION!


These are the moments for the team to share all God has done on the journey and how He has met us as we traveled. The provision, the passion, the “more than we hoped for or expected” declarations!


Each Year the Coterie group will plan a special retreat gathering. We will meet together in a fun place for rest, play, shopping, eating and a LITTLE BIT of business 🙂


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