A time to PLOP!

I PLOPPED into my Prayer Chair this morning.

Are you familiar with “PLOPPING” verses “sitting”.

You may need to be.

PLOPPING makes more of an impact, more of a statement. It is more intentional and has more purpose behind it.

PLOPPING has the purpose of STAYING in the placed plopped for a substantial period of time. At least hours, maybe days!!

I have been “PLOPPING” places for the past 3 days and intend to keep it up for a few more!

On Thursday night, upon arriving home from my last speaking engagement, my 31st this year, I PLOPPED into my bed and snuggled deep into the pillows and down comforter and remained for 12 hours!!

On Friday, I PLOPPED onto a chaise lounge in my backyard with a much awaited book galley I had been trying to get my hands on (more on that later).

After a while, I got up and PLOPPED onto a float in my pool. This is not me (I’m not THAT brain fried!) but it reflects my “plopping” mentality!! I traveled those 5 steps back and forth all day extending the trip only to get water or snacks.

On Saturday, I agreed to move my body long enough to go Blueberry picking with my youngest “G’s” (aka Grand babies).

After a few hours of that, I plopped into a Golf Cart and drove them around while eating Blueberries off the high vines that required no stooping of stretching.


Sunday—Ditto Saturday PLOPS! and I am not done yet!! I am in great need of even more PLOPS.

This has been another busy and exciting year. During the first 5 months, I have already traveled to 7 states and spoken over 31 times.

This mornings Prayer CHAIR time, led me into some deep reflection this morning. I shared my grateful but tired heart with the Lord and He led me into the book of Ecclesiastes. You know the one—-A TIME for this and a TIME for that!!

One phrase I found, over and over was “Chasing the Wind”. Wow, THAT must be exhausting! Maybe it was just my current state of mind that kept my eyes landing on those words.

What does that mean?? Chasing the Wind?? Why would anyone do that? Can you actually “catch” the wind?

Do you sometimes feel as exhausted as that sounds–Chasing the Wind??

How do you know when you have reached your “Chasing” limit and it is time for PLOPPING??

When you do, what do you do to get restored??

I would love to hear from some of my friends.

How and Where do you spend your favorite PLOPPING time? Can I come?

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  1. I am sooooo guilty of not plopping. I need to plop, but there is just no time to plop. I want to plop but other things keep me from plopping. When I do plop it is usually in my lounge chair outside my camper when we are camping. We’ve got some camping time just around the corner, so hopefully I will plop several times over the next month or so.

    Happy Plopping, friend.

  2. I PLOPPED right to Mt. Dora and spent some nice down time with my family and close friends. We played games and strolled through the town listening to the blues festival. It was wonderful! I am still in need of some more PLOPPING! And am looking forward to another weekend in my favorite place (Mt. Dora) with friends.

  3. Right now, I’m craving a good plop by the ocean. We’re on a tight budget, but hopefully we can work in at least a weekend getaway to someplace on the coast before too long. At home, I love to plop either in my recliner with a book and one of the cats, on the couch with my husband and the dog, or in the summertime, in the hammock with my husband (and, yes, the dog – he loves to plop too!).

  4. Sweet Sister….31 speaking engagements already this year! You certainly need some good plopping time.
    Plopping seems to be a distant memory for me…I have so many other things robbing my plopping time, but still God is Good. There is a time for everything. I’m just on plopping-hold for the time being, but when I get the chance to plop, hopefully it will be at my “happy place” Anna Maria, with my toes in the sand, looking at the vast ocean and and taking in the blessings that are abound in my life!
    Love you, Sis!

  5. Dear Pat, your plopping time was past overdue! It was so good to see you in Ohio, not a plopping time for you, to say the least! Thank you for allowing God to speak through you to many who attended the conference. I love to plop 🙂 at our family cabin in the mountains of PA, not too far from Penn State College. But I really don’t need to go away to get restored; my family room is a favorite of mine whether I am on my knees, reading, or even dancing with my two year old grandson.
    Love you and God bless you with a season of refreshing!

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