A Summer Brain Assignment and a FREE BOOK!

Greetings Blog Friends!


So far this Summer I have been doing a whole bunch of thinking, pondering, reflecting….well maybe not “a whole bunch”….but some.

Mostly, I am loving the lazy days of Summer 2016. I have been doing a little writing, a bit of fun fiction reading, some day dreaming, a bit of light Bible Study with a few hundred Facebook friends and a little of lingering on a lazy river with my youngest “G’s”.

Nothing pressing. No time limits. No deadlines.

Today, I have some fun I want to share with you.

A friend and mentor I admire greatly, Chad Cannon, posted this on his blog The blog post is titled “Hiring Out Of The Box: My Favorite Interview Questions and Why They Work”. Since I always read Chad’s post, I hopped on over there this morning and found my usual treat!

So, here is my double dare!!

If you will take the time to visit Chads blog THEN come all the way back here and answer YOUR FAVORITE QUESTION for me, I will choose my random favorite answers and send one or two friends (if that many answer 🙂 a FREE Life Unstuck book for YOUR Summer reading pleasure!

Here is mine favorite question and answer.

When is it OK to break the rules?

I love this question!! In my humble opinion, rules are often made very randomly and without much forethought. Somebody, sometime in HISTORY decided that it was OK or not OK to do dot..dot..dot and the rule STUCK!

As you know I am all about LIFE UNSTUCK! As for me, if my breaking a rule doesn’t injure or damage a person, place or thing..I am all about considering whether or not that rule needs to be BROKEN! I love outside the box thinking and challenging the status quo when appropriate. That perspective has come back to bite me more than once but more often than not has led me into new adventures and wonderful experiences.

How about you? Are you a rule breaker?

I hope you will visit Chad’s blog and jump on board with his brain challenges!

I’d love to give you a free copy of Life Unstuck!



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  1. A couple of those would be tricky for interviews but are interesting dinner topics!

    My fav is a pretty easy & journal question though: “What are you currently reading?” I love books, so of course I’d find that to be a great question. My table always has a stack I haven’t gotten to yet! I recently read “Breaking Busy” By Alli Worthington & am now in “Wild and Free” By Jess Connolly & Haley Morgan (a hope filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough). GREAT books!

    [Don’t put my name in the drawing though; I already have yours! 😉 ]

    1. Thank you Tiffany–funny enough BOTH of those are on my “need to read” list–didn’t you love those questions though 🙂
      Summer blessings to you!

      1. I like that question also and might use it now when I hire someone! I’m reading Patrick Lencioni’s The Ideal Team Player, Dakota Farm by Debbie Macomber and Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. One to improve my work skills, one for relaxation and one to improve my spiritual life.

  2. Who are my Heroes?

    My parents are my heroes. They love the foster kids I get as tho they were their very own grandkids as I can never have any on my own. They love them with all their heart. They support me 100% in what I am doing. It has changed my life for the better.

    1. My favorite question that he had on his was about if you had two celebrities as your parent.

    2. Thank you Robbie Jo! I know you already won Life Unstuck 🙂 Most of my friends have been lovingly forced to read it LOL!

  3. My favorite question is, what don’t you like about your work?

    I have tone say it is the fighting amongst fellow co-workers. Trying to impress without doing the work and having to cheat to get to the top

  4. When is it okay to break the rules? If they are MY OWN rules. 😉
    UnStuck is life-changing!

  5. My favorite song describing my work ethic would be “Whistle while you Work” . My Mother taught me your character and your work ethic go hand in hand. The best thing to do is to work hard and then work harder. I have worked for 52 years now and find I love to compete against myself to give my best. After all, you can’t win a race by looking to the side or behind you. You must look forward and see what is ahead of YOU!

  6. I liked number 7
    7- If we’re sitting here 12 months from now celebrating the success of your first year, what will you have accomplished?

  7. I liked question number 7 – In 12 months time I will celebrate finally having found peace living where I am. It will be at that time that we’ll actually have success in selling our home! I will have accomplished having a regular spiritual program every morning and evening; I will have gotten lots of de-cluttering done, organizing and cleaning. Then when I am feeling happy to be living where we are, it will be at that time that our home will sell and we’ll be packing up everything in boxes, off to our next new adventure!

  8. What are you currently reading?
    What I read most time depends on my mood. I read a lot. I have since i was a kid it was my outlet in life. Growing up in the country and not much there to do and very strict parents. I read anything i could get my hands on. I love all kinds, Thrillers, Mysteries, clean romance, Fiction, non Fiction, Christian. Right now today I am finishing up a mystery my Mary Ellis.

  9. Interesting take on interviewing by Chad! The celebrity question stumped me. I’m currently reading “Life Unstuck” for our Summer Breeze Book Study! But my favorite question would be, “What don’t I like about my job?” I am a school secretary for a small charter school in a city where school nurses are something of the past. So, I am required to give insulin shots and I HATE IT! Look forward to the day where kids will all be on insulin pumps.

  10. I thought the questions were great/ my favorite is the reading, because I love to read-right now anything by Dr.Erwin Lutzer! I also love Amazing Grace by Eric Mataxes – but, the song question made me think of dire straights song Money for Nothing!(I’m just kidding!) but, all the questions were great and probably would have stumped me on an interview!

  11. I couldn’t choose for a minute between ‘What are you currently reading?’ And, ‘If you could get rid of one state in the U.S., what would you choose and why?’ I decided to go with the sate question because I have always said that Alabama (where I currently live) should just disappear. I say that because this state is about 5 years behind other states in terms of law and most of our state government is just a hot mess. Alabama is a poor state and it doesn’t seem like things will get better any time soon. People here have no respect for anything. Heck, I know people who still shoot and eat squirrels! No, they aren’t starving their just odd. There is still a lot of racism here as well. Our water ways are absolutely filthy but when a proposal is made to clean it up, the powers that be immediately knock it out. Our governor is a joke and court systems still work under the “good ole’ boy” mentality.I know I sound horrible for saying it, but Alabama is a horrible place to be.

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