A Season of Change

Wasn’t that the title of my last blog post?

Oh well, at least it hasn’t been a whole MONTH since I even blogged! I am proud of me!

I admit, I have been waxing on a bit about the Change of Seasons but I just can’t help it. My life seems to be spinning with change and it is NOT LEAVES 🙂 Not real ones anyway. I am loving the smells in my house and the decorations even if they are merely igniting my desire for a temperature dip.


The truth is, the DAYS are dropping like leaves as I prepare to launch a brand new ministry.

After 25 Fabulous YEARS of leading and loving a local Crisis Pregnancy Center in Tampa, God has clearly called me to let go and jump! So, being the immediately obedient daughter I am, after 2 years, I finally said YES LORD! (I’m brave like that!)

The truth is, speaking and writing about Jesus has my heart.

Helping women all over the world exchange PEACE for past heartbreak; enjoy PURPOSE in the present and experience PASSION for the future has my time.

Imagine Me..Set Free books, coaching and Freedom Weekends are rockin’ my world!

Surrendering the Secret International is blowing my mind as God is exploding our territory, blessing our socks off and getting some sisters healed.

Last but not least, coaching other women as THEY launch new ministries, jazzes my mornings!

So, as the seasons change and the calendar flips yet again–I am updating my blog (You like?); creating a new 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization; organizing a new team and setting up accounting systems (can I say YUK)!

Basically all the things I teach others to do in my E-Book How to Start A Ministry From Scratch. (Let me know in the comments below if you want a FREE Copy!)

Thank you SO much to all who entered my What’s Your Fall Like drawing last week. You are truly precious to me! I pick up my new book tomorrow and will do the OFFICIAL drawing (where I let one of my adorable G-babies draw from a bowl) on October 1 just before I board the first of 10 airplanes over the next month! The next few weeks will take me to Indiana, Texas, Portland and Sacramento. Do you live near any of those? I would love to meet you fcae to face!


So, you have one more week to tell me, How is YOUR Fall colored? I love hearing from you?


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  1. Wow! What a change of seasons for you!!! I am soooo excited to celebrate this change with you…and it is perfectly timed and orchestrated by the Master of Seasons and Time. My fall is colored with a realization of the work that I need to do to enter my new career in real estate. Also, a realization that the work needs to be covered in patience…as I sow my seeds into this new field. A field that I believe is fertile ground…but any farmer will tell you…it is work. Thank God I have the Lord of the Harvest living inside of me!!! And so do you.

    1. It’s in the E-Mail 🙂
      I am so happy about you new adventure lady. YES! Sow some seeds sister and watch God bring the BLOOM!
      Stay in touch.

  2. I would love the free E-Book How to Start A Ministry From Scratch! Thank you for all you do! Btw, I noticed you will be in Waxahachie Tx in October – hopefully I can hear you speak then. Thanks again!

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