A New Time and a New Place

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that there is a time for everything. In fact, it starts right out with the words..there is a SEASON FOR EVERY ACTIVITY UNDER HEAVEN. Most of us are somewhat familiar with the words that follow–a time to live and die; to plant and uproot; a time to kill-a time to heal….

We are ALL living in a “Season” right? Good or bad, it IS just a season. It will change.

My latest season, TOO LONG OF A SEASON in my opinion, has been a season of personal head and heart challenges. Nothing like some of the life and death seasons some people I love are living in–but still, God has been stretching me, causing me to wrestle, be uncomfortable, squirm and question things as I’ve wondered a bit about His plans for me.

The thing is, we all know that life is laced with our inner world PLUS the outer world that keeps on spinning with or without us. Life doesn’t stop while we figure it out.

I am finally seeing and feeling my SEASON change to reveal some buds of hope. Hope of new times and new places. I love to watch God take care of me and take care of others. If we pay attention, we will see His hand at work.

As I have pressed into His heart, for His Words, over the past few weeks, this is what I have been watching happen on my back porch…

Hospital IMG_0674


The thing I love most about God’s Word is that there is NEVER a single SEASON when I take it into my hands, plop myself in a chair with a cup of tea or fall on the floor in a ball of tears and plant my eyes on a verse of truth, that I can’t find some little glimpse of my personal life written between the lines and some nugget of hope dropped into my need.

It’s as if God knew what I would be thinking at that very moment (Imagine That!), how my life would be living out. We know it is true. He is watching.


mamma IMG_7832


Psalm 139 says—-HE SEES ME! HE SEES YOU!

I don’t know what “season” you are in friend but this is what I would guess based upon a question I asked on Facebook this week (Check it out!).

My guess is that there is someplace in your life, right now, today, where you feel STUCK! Some relationship. Some financial need. Some answer to some question that eludes your grasp.


Babies IMG_0664


I just want to remind you to–TRUST GOD! Trust when you can’t see. Trust when you can’t feel. Trust when the report hurts. Trust when the bank is empty. Trust when you feel all alone. Take hold of God’s Word and promises from Psalm 84:3 with me today and Trust God to have you in His mighty Grip!

“Even the Sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young–a place near your alter, O LORD Almighty, MY King and MY God!” Ps 84:3


Mammababy IMG_0669




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