A Holy Hunger

My family enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day last weekend at Longboat Key.

The weather was perfect and the aqua blue Gulf was breathtaking. I LIKE water that allows me to see my toes 🙂

Every morning my little “G’s” trailed behind me organize what would be our little beach home for the day. We would place our chairs strategically in a row in front of the water, dig deep holes for our umbrellas and lug 1,000 beach toys of every make and manner from the condo to our perfectly chosen spot.

Every morning the Gulf was a still as a lake. Peaceful, slow waves rolled up close to our chairs and the Gbabies relaxed on brightly colored inter tubes.

However, by afternoon the breeze had turned more aggressive and the waves picked up speed and passion. The babies could no longer play in the water on their own, they had to have some grown up arms close by. At one point, the waves were so strong, I literally could not hold onto my youngest G-girl. The water currents were now in charge of our location. We would start in front of our chairs and before we could count to 10 be a mile down the beach unable to paddle back. We would have to get off the rafts, slosh up to the beach and hike back to our home base.

This morning, as I hit on Be-attitude # 4 I thought about that gulf current. One minute your here–the next minute your there.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Matt 5:6

I am kind-of “there” these days. I know that I have allowed myself–my heart–my focus–to drift a bit.

As I studied from Angela Thomas’s Bible Study “A Beautiful Offering” and “swan around” in God’s Word, I just heard His sweet challenge–and felt His strong righteous arm hang onto me through a few “waves” of conviction.


Do you have some more room for me in your heart? your world? your focus?

Do you desire ME more than anything else in the world? Do you desire what I desire? Do you KNOW what I desire right now?

Do you have a few numb places in your heart? Is your life a reflection of my love?


As I read, I could see myself with my “G-girl” on my lap on that float, struggling to get us back to our beach front home 🙂

I wrote a prayer out in my notebook–here are a few parts that I’ll share (some, just not so)

Lord, I know that I have gotten caught up in lifes fast moving current these days and have lost sight of my home base. I have been focused on myself, my needs-wants-desires; my empty places. Lord, lift my face towards you today. Don’t let me drift. Take my face in your hands and tilt my head up towards you. Draw me into your presence. Pour out your Spirit on me Lord.

Fill me Lord with a HOLY HUNGER–Fill me with YOU!


How about you?

Do any of those questions get your attention today?

How do you know when you have drifted too far from God’s grip on your focus?


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