A dreamy weekend in my birthplace, Savannah, Georgia

I don’t normally do post like this but since I simply can’t find time for ANOTHER BLOG SITE (www.simplehospitality.net) so, I decided to just share here.

If you are looking for a sweet weekend , you really should consider the sweet-heart of the South – Savannah, Georgia! If there’s a any place place that embodies Southern hospitality and history, it’s right there by the salty Savannah River.

I was actually born in Savannah and lived there until I was a teenager. I grew up with 4 younger sisters fishing, crabbing and water skiing. I actually started my Quest for Jesus among the ground hugging oaks and the sticky summers a girl scout camp!

Honey and I return often and normally have the special honor of a dreamy guest room at my beloved cousins home in Richmond Hill. Every back house window in her home overlooks a path filled marsh, a dock that sits grounded just above water that leads straight into the Atlantic ocean.

It was a memory making weekend from the moment we arrived from Atlanta (about a 4 hour drive) on Friday afternoon. Shortly after we arrived, we joined my “for as long as i can remember” guitar playing cousin in law, for a fun night of chicken wings and music memories from the 60’s. 70’s and beyond.

The next morning, we found our familiar way to the Downtown Savannah and the Historic District, where every tourist busy corner whispers stories from days long gone. People LOVE Savannah! The cobblestone streets and those mighty oak trees lining the pathways are always like a step back in time. And oh, the squares! Each one with its own tale to tell – inviting you to sit a spell and soak in the charm. Forsyth Park, is a verdant haven of fountains and blooms that’s just perfect for a sit in the shade break or joining a perfect stranger for a song.

We completed our downtown tour with a low country boil and blue crabs right off the dock! Don’t be jealous! :)))

The food in Savannah, from soul-soothing’ Southern classics, fresh off the dock, scrumptious seafood, to fancy gourmet bites that’ll make your taste buds sing – Savannah’s culinary scene is a true blessing for SEA-foodies like me!

Th next day we took Savannah by WATER! Leaving right from my cousins boat dock we left early in the morning and came back just a sunset. We trolled by the dolphins and drooled over the waterfront mansions. WE ended up docking right on river street. Savannah from the water gives you a whole new perspective of the city. Bridges, barges, steamboats and River Street from THE SAVANNAH RIVER–Oh my!! Nothing like it!

So there you have it, sweet friends.

A weekend in Savannah, Georgia, is a journey back in time, literally, that never gets old! Every street offers a feast for the senses. My cousin and her honey blessed us with a warm embrace of family southern charm and comfort.

From the historic streets to the hidden treasures, every moment in Savannah is always a blessing but a spending that special weekend with dearly loved family–there is no match for that kind of love!

Have you ever been to my birth town? Savannah?

What is YOUR favorite memory?

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  1. My husband and I LOVE Savannah!! We stay in the Historic District. Love the squares and the historic architecture. Beautiful place! So much history and culture there. Our favorite place to eat is Mrs. Wilkes. We’d drive the 6 hours from Dothan, AL to Savannah and back just to eat there if they were open on Saturdays.

    1. Oh my! I have not eaten at Mrs Wilkes in YEARS!! I definitely need to remember that next visit. We truly never get tired of going back. I completely agree about the drive also. For us its about 4 1/2 hours. Well worth it! Blessings Melanie!

  2. Hey you southern sweet tea sippin’ lady,
    Your beautiful writing brought Savannah back to my memory. As an Atlanta native and Georgia history buff, I did not visit Savannah until I was in my 40’s! When my husband, our two teen-aged sons and I arrived at the Visitor’s Center, I embarrassed them all by doing a happy dance in the parking lot! I enjoyed the river and trolley tours seeing all the sites and lots of historical information.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing time there with loved ones and Honey!


  3. Savannah is beautiful. Thank you for the pictures and kind words. Let’s do it again soon!
    God Bless you ????❤️

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