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A day? An hour? A few minutes?

The answer is YES! Whatever amount of time works for you!

Over the past few years of working through Life Unstuck, I have written studies and created resources for each of those time frames. I have even produced a 6 WEEKS study kit to be used in Bible study groups.

For this particular study quest, I will use each of those time terms interchangeably to mean any of the above.

I’ll be downloading tools and resources here in the blog EACH DAY FOR 24 DAYS for us all to use as OUR personal time permits. No pressure. No guilt.

Here is an idea for the 24 Minute @ Day for 24 Days option:

The 24-Minute Praise and Prayer Plan 

Take each Chapter of Life Unstuck and spend at least 24 minutes out of each day focusing on a Life Unstuck Truth you discovered. You will find a downloadable resource for you to print for your use.

Once a day for 24 days, pray for each truth to become part of your life. Use them as conversation starters. Chat with other women about your journey on the Unstuck Woman Club on Facebook. The resources provided include scripture verses, specific action steps, and hands-on exercises that will help you dig a little deeper into each truth found in Psalm 139 and personally apply it to your own life.

THAT is what God planned when He put these words in the Bible for you to see! 

So–you see..whatever amount of time you can commit to–or strive for–is enough!

Share below what is YOUR personal plan for YOUR 24 Days.

Will you choose an hour of your day or will a few minutes each day be a better goal?

Either way–we start tomorrow!


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