A Dangerous Leap!

Some books are dangerous.
Some books stir our comfort zones.
Some books challenge the status quo of our daily lives.
I prayed for my book Life Unstuck, to be dangerous. I invited God to use the timeless words of Psalm 139 to challenge me and my readers. He said YES, at least for me, and from what I read in my Amazon reviews, He said YES to many others.
ONE of the many truths God stirred my heart during the writing of that book was on the topic of REST.
UNSTUCK REST (Chapter 18), was the beginning of a dangerous journey for me. A journey that would continue for the next several years and is still messing with me today.
Until that day, I had considered REST, an occasional vacation to the beach or the mountains. A backyard bar-b-que or a family canoe trip though a gator filled river met my REST quota just fine.
While I was writing LIFE UNSTUCK, I was also walking through a major life transition that came with some deep heartache.
There were many days when I groveled on the floor of my bedroom reminding God how STUCK my own life was! He kept me going. He kept me writing. He kept me learning.
As I began to research the chapter on REST, things got dangerous for me.
I realized I had NO IDEA how to really REST!
Who knew?!!
God took me on a journey through His word that revealed to me how critical true REST is in our everyday life. It is NOT about vacations. It is NOT about an occasional play day.
TRUE REST is an essential part of our physical, mental, and spiritual health.
The fact is, REST is dangerous.
Dangerous to burn out.
Dangerous to depression.
Dangerous to heartbreak.
Dangerous to insecurity.
Dangers to life being STUCK!!!
Those days of studying and embracing REST changed my life.
As often happens, when we learn a new lesson and embrace it, we often get too comfy in that fresh revelation. Then, LIFE HAPPENS and we slip right back into the old patterns that got us STUCK, to begin with.
I am dangerously close to that place.
How about you?
Two years ago my honey and I uprooted our lives and moved into a new city. Over the last 2 years, we have walked with some family and friends through the most difficult and heartbreaking seasons of our marriage. As if that wasn’t enough, we have reorganized an entire international ministry.
THEN came 2020! Need I say more?!
Again, I am sad to say, REST has not been my priority.
I don’t say all that to wax on about my problems. I’ll bet your story is equally messy.
From what I can tell, in spite of quarantine and ZOOM, we have ALL increased our levels of stress, anxiety, and intensity. (Can you say POLITICS?!)
Throughout this past year, I have felt the shadow of UN-REST looming over my life.
The GOOD NEWS is, now I know how to spot it. Now I know how to beat it.
Over that past few weeks, I have clearly heard God’s still small voice speak to my heart.
REMEMBER what I taught you those years ago.
I would like to invite you to join me on a DANGEROUS QUEST! A  journey, right here on my blog, to REMEMBER REST!
As we get started I have placed a few of my GO TO books in my Amazon SHOP.
I invite you to take a look and invite some DANGEROUS books into your world.
Leave a comment and tell me, WHERE does REST fit into your life?

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  1. Rest has been seemingly alluding me this year.
    I’ve had to make it a point if NOT allowing myself to get drawn into social media and all the politics. I’m making an effort to stay off and chill. It has not been an easy thing to do. I’m reading Chapter 18 again Ana will check out your list of books. You are NOT alone Pat

  2. Hmm, I should probably review chapter 18. Rest is my weak spot. I usually just keep pushing on. I try to recall that Jesus rested, & I better too, but it’s easy to get busy in the day to day and not notice I’m not slowing down. (I have done some slowing this year but with all the unusual crisis and stress, it hasn’t felt like rest & definitely wasn’t refreshing.) I need to prioritize it & have been thinking about it again, so this is a timely confirmation.

    1. YES! I had to reread it as well LOL :))) We are always learning and RE learning right?!! I understand what you are saying about 2020 as well–being at home more SEEMS like it should equate to REST but it mostly has not.
      I’m interested in hearing your thoughts as you reconsider this commandment with me :)) Blessings T

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