A Bloom Boom!

I love gardens. I am NOT a “qualified” gardener by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love to see the color of flowers sprinkled in my yard. Pinks, reds and purples. Gorgeous!

Spring has Sprung.slider

I love how flowers announce themselves into your eye space and draw all thoughts to their beauty.

As I continue my life in Psalms 139 I like to say that David’s primary thought throughout these 24 verses was–“It’s All About Me” 🙂 David confidently knew in His heart that God’s heart was all about him. One thing I HAVE learned about planting is this, if you plant a flower that loves sun, in the shade, it WILL die. If you plant a flower in the SUN that loves SUN, it will thrive.

People are not so different. Sometimes we are forced to “bloom where we are planted” as the saying goes but, MOST OF THE TIME, we need to be seeded in fertile soil that nurtures God’s Divine Design for our lives. We need to have SOME place to BLOOM the way God created us to BLOOM!

After having this discussion with a friend, she sent me this email:

“I decided to gently transplant some flowers to a place where they might have a chance to thrive.  That’ s going take some very gentle maneuvering as I get them free from the weeds that surround them and transplant their healthy roots in fertile soil. Then, with just the right amount of sunshine and rain, my hope is that they will grow and bloom.”

How about you? Are you in the right place in the garden of your life?  None of us gets to choose the place we are first planted.  Some are fortunate and begin life in a beautiful garden with attentive caretakers.  However, most of us need a little help as life goes on, some weeding, pruning, or a total transplant.

God knows exactly what spot in the garden you belong, and how to help you thrive in the place where you are currently planted.

Today is a good day to do a little planting or maybe a little weeding, drop some healthy seed into the dreams of your life OR extract the unhealthy roots, or even decide to take a bigger step and be trans-planted.

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  1. I love gardening and knowing that each sprout is a gift from God. Just like the garden, there are “sprouts” in our own lives that need to be tended. Thank you Pat, for this inspiring message. God bless you.

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