8 things I would do as King of the Airlines…

1) I would still have REAL people, with WARM blood flowing through their veins, answer telephone calls regarding flights.

2) I would not charge to let someone “EARLY check-in”, after all, they would be doing ME a favor.

3) I would encourage checking bags so that my guests–who PAID me to fly on my planes–would not have peoples private parts in their faces as they make numerous, noisy and hairy attempts to fit giant overweight luggage into a TINY slice of space over my head.

4) When my guests DO check their bags and pay for each one a little more than the last, I would be sure said luggage actually gets on the plane rather than remaining stacked on the runway in the rain as the plane taxies off.

5) I would not allow my staff to inform my waiting guests that the plane that they are waiting on “has had engine problems but will be ready to leave in an hour”.

6) I would not tell them that AGAIN, every hour for the next 4 hours.

7) If there are actually better seats on the plane for my guest, I would allow them to sit in them rather than charge extremely high extra fees only to find numerous untaken seats available.

8 ) On flights that are over 4 hours long, I would offer my guest a meal that contains real food.

How about you?? 🙂

Any thing you would add as King of the Airlines??

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  1. Oh, don’t even get me started!!!!

    Last year I flew El Al airlines to Israel. Now, they have air travel figured out. The check in was speedy, the security was tight but no groping occurred, the plane was clean and pleasant, and the staff were wonderful. Honestly, it was the best flying experience I have ever had. US airlines could take some lessons from El Al, in my humble opinion.

  2. I have begun to dread air travel the older I get. I would definitely take out a few of the seats so that everyone has more room. As it is now you get to know your seat mates a whole lot better than you want to1

  3. I flew on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and then on to Israel. Fast check-in; changed my seating so I would have more room; gave me earplugs, sleeping mask, socks, toothbrush & paste package. Gave me two hot meals and a snack without ever asking me for additonal payment. The seats really did recline with foot rest, security was VERY tight, but did not touch my body. Every seat had its own TV to watch your movie of choice, flying pattern, or play games. You can bet I ask to fill out customer’s commets….high praises. Lots of smiles from the staff and service like I have never experienced in many years of flying.

  4. We were talking about flying tyhe other dAY. w

    We were treated like we were real special in the OLD days!! Of course we wore our very best – Outfits,dresses,gloves, hats, heels. Who do you think made the change 1st?


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