7 Questions to ask about 2009

One of my favorite things about last year was finding this website. Michael Hyatt–Leading with Purpose.

I have learned some priceless and powerful stuff  here about social networking–blogging, twitter and facebook; about leadership and about the book publishing industry. I have truly felt that I have had my own personal leadership coach—virtual—even better–no appointment or checkbook needed! What a deal!! In fact, I have copied so many of Mr Hyatt’s blog post that I have gathered my own little MH Leadership book.

The single thing that I did not agree with (I am certain he will be devastated) was Mr Hyatt’s opinion that this week is “the most unproductive of the year”. Although he later states, as if to give it a slim redeeming purpose, that while nothing else of worth is going on, it is a great time for leaders to evaluate their year and reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

As I said yesterday, I LOVE this week and have always embraced it for personal, spiritual and professional/ministry reflection and restoration. I feel that it benefits my staff equally. So much that before our ministry got so large, we literally closed our offices for this entire week and encouraged everyone to use the time to do the same thing.

Yesterday, I posted the 50 major changes that have occurred or been invented during this disappearing decade and affected daily life as most of us know it.I found that list to be very interesting. However, in spite of the fun of that little “how cool are you?” test, I found this exercise to be personal, productive and valuable for setting my 2010 Goals and Resolutions.

I will be processing it from my “prayer chair” tomorrow..the middle day of this VALUABLE last week of a decade, with my morning coffee!!

Join me will you? I would love to hear how you do!

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  1. I agree. This week is productive for me too. It’s been a time of quiet reflection and also looking forward to some things God has placed on my heart.

    Happy New Year my friend. May you be blessed in 2010!!!

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