50 Life Changers of the past Decade.

I LOVE this week of the year. Totally LOVE it.

I am sitting in my bathrobe and slippers at my kitchen table. I have a hot cup of coffee and my french doors open to the backyard. I slept until 9am. Honey, who has been up since 5:30 am is cutting low lying palm tree branches.

We have no where to be. Nothing to decorate or cook. Nothing to wrap or buy. All is well in our world.

Our weekend newspaper, the hot selling “Tampa Tribune” had a list of 50 things that have changed our lives over the past decade”. It was an eye opener and has stirred many thoughts in my busy little head. Most all of them have effected my life!!

If you have a few minutes, and care, check this list out and see just how “connected” you were to the past decade and let me know how you score.

I gave myself 43/50! Whoo Hoo somebody get me a prize!

This is the list:
1. Airport Security (I have been in about 20 different ones this year!)
2. Alternative Medicine (I am right now using diet to lower my cholesterol!)
3. APPS (I have a new Iphone)
4. AARP (I turned 50 in this decade and have been throwing AARP promos in the trash since! WILL NOT give myself credit here. I just can’t)
5. Aging (Who hasn’t done this?? No brainer point! The article was pointing out that 50 year olds look 40 and that woman’s fashion has in fact morphed. Yoohoo for my Joe Jeans!!)
6. Blogging (I have 4 of the 100 million)
7. Blackberries (Had one–now have IPhone!)
8. Book Clubs (Have been part of several over the past decade)
9. Cable (Duh!)
10. Celebrity Culture (No points given to myself here although I do watch ET on occassion)
11. Cell Phones (oh my, can you remember life without them?)
12. Chefs (WhooHoo!!! I LOVE The Food Network)
13. Connectivity (Thank you Jesus!)
14. Cougars (Woman Dating Younger Men–My “older than me” husband of 33 years frowns on this one so I haven”t tried it. No points as I wasn’t even really familiar with the term or the TV show.)
15. Crocs (Have some and buy them for my G’s)
16. Dancing (I have danced before the Lord more this decade than ever before! Think that was what they meant?)
17. Dating (By internet-Haven’t done it but I have married friends today who have)
18. Digital Cameras (Can you say obsession??)
19. DVR’s (more for honey than me so I can’t really check this. I wouldn’t know how to set it if I had to)
20. Embarrassment Entertainment (I have BEEN this more than observed it)
21. Facebook (I am one of 300 million. My college daughter used to frown upon it until all her friends started asking to be my friend, now she thinks I am cool!)
22. Fat (I definately have experienced MORE of that this past decade)
23. Foodie (The decade of gourmet palate–I have ALWAYS had one!)
24. Going Green (We use LED only and recycle. Hope to improve in 2010)
25. Google (A gift from God)
26. GPS (Ditto above–Unfortunately the one in my car can only find Dodger Stadium since that is what the sales guy used to show us how it works)
27. Helicopter Parenting (All I can say is GUILTY!)
28. Information Overload (What you are experiencing if you have read this far!)
29. Instant Gratification (God’s Word read over and over and over for my 3rd Decade!)
30. Ipods (Check–Travis Cottrell, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin–my walking buddies!)
31. Life Coaches (I became certified as a Life Coach by AACC 5 years ago and have been blessed by the wisdom of several. If you haven’t, make it a 2010 resolution!!–Call me!)
32. Musicals (One of my favorite forms of entertainment way before this decade)
33. Netflix (have it at home and on my IPhone)
34. Organic (I have spent a few of the 21 BILLION dollars on this and plan to spend more next year)
35. Pregnancy Chic (since I founded and still lead a Pregnancy Resource Center that provide alternatives to abortion I should get the Gold Star for this one!!)
36. Reality TV (Jon and Kate Plus Eight were on my prayer list)
37. Recession Chic (I don’t know if the word “Chic” will belong to me in ANY decade–no points)

ARE YOU STILL HERE???? Deep breath…..

38. Retro Chic (Can’t define it, can’t claim it)
39. Sexting (15% of teens 12-17 have dealt with this/ a whole bunch of them end up in my counseling office. Check)
40. Starbucks (Get real!)(White Chocolate Mocha is my daily vitamin—which explains why I am using Alternative Medicine to lower my Cholesterol)
41. Tattoos (I don’t have one but I love one)
42. Texting (How else would I communicate with my daughter??)
43. TV Screens (Bigger, Flatter…..)
44. Tween Culture (Love it!!)
45. Twitter (Follow me and I’ll follow you)
46. Uggs (Haven’t worn them but have paid big bucks for a young daughter that I love)
47. WII (Ditto above)
48. Wikipedia (Finally dumped my Golden Books a few years back!)
49. Yoga (No comment–no credit)
50. YouTube (I actually finished the decade with one of my own!!)

50—-I have seen this number more than once this decade as well 🙂

Wow!! That was a challenge.
Looks like I have missed out a bit–#’s 4/10/14/19/37/38/and 49 have not made it to my world and I really don’t think they ever will. This decade or the next.

I would LOVE to know how you did….if you did!!

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  1. 14. Cougars (Woman Dating Younger Men–My “older than me” husband of 33 years frowns on this one so I haven”t tried it}

    Had to read this twice … thought you meant that your husband was actually 33 year older than you.

    My score …. it’s up there although I am getting off the ‘tread mill’ a little more often. Good for perspective.

  2. Sandra,
    How very cool to meet you!! Isn’t it amazing how the internet “connects” new friends. I COMPLETELY understand about the treadmill!!
    Blessings, lets stay in touch,

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