5 Steps to Getting Your Prayers Answered

One thing I know for sure about my Prayer Journal is that it is ALWAYS Full!

There is never a day that I sit in my Prayer Chair and NOT have some requests to whisper into God’s ear.

Yesterday, at my wonderful home church in Tampa, Grace Family Church, Pastor Craig headed into the home stretch with a HOME RUN Sunday series called NO LIMITS! You can download it for FREE and I would highly recommend it. I soaked up every word, especially for the season I am in. Yesterday’s message was on Prayer. God stirred my heart fresh with some of my favorite Bible Stories and scriptures. I always use the notes from my Sunday sermons to kick off with my weekday Bible Study time. God PLANTS His Word through our Pastors and churches but He GROWS His Word through my own personal Face to Face time with Him.  My Pastor can not APPLY these truths in my life. That is my job.

So, I thought I would share my personal takeaway from yesterdays message.  Again,this is my personally digested and re-studied version of Pastor Craig’s 3 points and scripture references.

5 Steps to Getting Your Prayers Answered


1) Be Specific. (Matthew 20:29-34) 

I love to read those words where Jesus himself, who clearly KNEW what the blind man needed, asked the man to clarify it for himself; to SPEAK IT OUT; to ASK. Jesus says ASK and the door will be opened to you! (Study opportunity–Do you know WHERE He says those words?)

Tell God exactly what you need that only He can provide. Honestly, if it is something somebody else can do, don’t bother asking Him. He doesn’t want to be SECOND to anyone or anything.

2) Be Sincere. (James 5:17) 

I LOVE Elijah and the incredible stories about that man of God in the scriptures. Take the time to read this one–2 Kings 18:42-45

I know that when I pray, my heart has to be right. It has to get in line with God’s Word and God’s Kingdom plan. I have to start with getting MYSELF and my personal agenda, wants, and mostly selfish desires out of the way and THAT is some heavy lifting!

3) Be Confident (1 John 5:14-15)

This is kind of a mantra I have when I speak at women’s events. If you don’t know what God says about your personal prayers, you will never KNOW HIS WILL!. ooopppsss..sorry. But it’s true. If I ask you right now, what do you need from God, you could probably make me a quick list–I know I could!! But if we don’t know what God’s WORD says about that request, we can never be CONFIDENT when we ask. We  will be half hearted. We will be unsure. We will just be HOPING God hears us.

If I know what God’s Word says we will be confident, I can remind God of His WORD and His WILL when I pray.

Here is an example;

If I need to have my body healed, I pray Psalms 103:3 “He heals ALL (not some but ALL) of my diseases”.

I pray with confidence that God says in HIS WORD that HE WILL HEALL ALL of my disease. Then, I leave the results inHis hands.

4) Be Persistant. (Luke 18:1-5)

I am VERY OFTEN like that woman. I am often seeing the same prayer in my prayer journal over and over and over. I will not give up if I know it is God’s WILL revealed by His WORD!

5) Be Faith-FULL (Psalm 86)

When we get to know God’s character, our faith in Him and His goodness grows and grows and grows. Eventually, we will see our lives BLOOM!

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Bloom today, Friend!



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  1. Pat,

    Great post. Love it. I especially like the part that you are responsible to apply the word, not your pastor. WOW. I’m sharing this post with everyone I can today. I did my dissertation on sermon based small groups. So this blessed me.

    I’ve already dropped a hint to our ladies ministry team that they pray about having you back for a part 2 conference or another conference weekend.

    Our church is focusing on prayer in October to in that we are seeking to move forward. Would you please ask the Lord for motive our people to deeper, more intimate, more persistent praying?

    Know we love you out here in this outpost called New Mexico.

    1. Pastor–You just blessed my day. THANK YOU for taking time to stop in and say hello. I would be honored to come to NM for a Part 2–IMSF Weekend.
      Can we do something special for the reservation women?
      I will stop and pray for your church right now!!
      I love you all and think of our Freedom weekend often.

  2. Hello Pat,

    Amazing post! Thank you for saving my life through Surrendering the Secret. It was the one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I’m so glad that I went through the study. I didn’t really realize that my abortion even though it happened 18 years ago was still affecting me and everything around me. Thank You for sharing your story with us. I plan on seeing you when you come out to Modesto, CA next week on the 24th. You have such a beautiful soul and I know that God has placed here to help other women get through this difficult time in our lives.

    God Bless You,
    Dawn Vickery

    1. Oh Dawn, what a precious testimony. STS was and is a miracle. God’s idea. God’s anointing. God’s love for you and me!
      Can’t wait to meet you in sunny California!

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