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5 Reasons To Take The Freedom Flower Journey

Freedom Flower is a beautiful and interactive Life Mapping process that will help you see your life as God’s divine design—right here, right now!

Life mapping offers 5 practical yet remarkable promises for you:

1. Move past a hurtful history, not by minimizing pain but by identifying and appropriating the transforming power of the Holy Spirit into your story.

2. Transition from any feelings of “spinning your wheels”; merely existing or settling for a lackluster faith into a heart of thankfulness for the thrilling adventure of seeing yourself as a vital part of God’s kingdom work in the world today, right in your own backyard!

3. Delight in increased communication and community through transparent and inspiring discussions with spouse, family and friends of faith, adding intimacy and reducing daily stress.

4. Experience renewed personal joy, rest, and revival by spending time with God and simply enjoying His love and experiencing the grace of being who you are for who HE is!

5. Clarify, understand, and embrace a clear plan for your future.

This inspirational and practical life-mapping guide will become a visual study, a dialoging tool, and a lasting reference that will lead you on an adventure through 6 steps:

Visit my website—www.patlayton.net/shop for my next Freedom Flower course or class!

I hope to see you there!



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