5 Reasons an Imagine Me..Set Free “Freedom Quest Retreat” Could Be For you!

After 3 years of amazing Imagine Me..Set Free “Freedom Weekends” and lots of request for some personal Freedom Flower© Coaching, we have an amazing weekend planned!

To help you decide if this personalized intimate retreat is for you–see if any of these 5 things calls your name:

1) Everyone around you has been talking about 2014 Resolutions and you haven’t figured out what you accomplished last year. You need the time, coaching and tools to take a LIFE INVENTORY and evaluate where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go next in life.

2) You have a few people, places or things that seem to be holding you back and keeping you from the “abundant life” you read about in scripture. You need to take A LOOK AT THE PAST to see who, what, when or where you lost your JOY!

3) Your are currently LIVING SOME LIFE that is more than you can handle. You’ve got ONE NERVE LEFT and somebody is standing on it! If you don’t get some ME TIME you just might LOOSE IT! You need personal ministry time away from the people involved in your day to day life that will lead you into some fresh perspective and renewed hope to embrace PURPOSE IN YOUR PRESENT

4) You have been yearning for some “set apart” time with the Lord to regroup and refocus on WHAT GOD IS DOING in and through your life and ministry. You need some time for worship, personal reflection and prayer to hear A FRESH WORD from Him so that you can keep moving in the passionate calling God has on your life.

5) You just want to get away for some SPRINGTIME rest and renewal one the North Georgia Mountains. You want to enjoy 5 star accommodations, gourmet meals cooked while you sit in a rocking chair with a glass of sweet tea or take a walk next to a slow moving mountain stream or push a porch swing back and forth while you record God’s heart in your prayer journal.

If ONE or ALL of those 5 things make you heart go pitter patter, I would love to have you join me MARCH 14th through 16th at a PRIVATE RETREAT CENTER. 

Contact me TODAY at patlayton@mac.com for registration details. We are only accepting 20 guests and 5 leaders.

I am praying 🙂


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  1. Hey- I have tried opening the registration form on two different computers but its jumbled together. I want to register but can’t


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